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 Goodday our Abjrichteens readers sorry we took such a Long break, but your favorite teens blog is back we have also Rebranded the brand to give you our viewers the best as far as entertainment, achievements and lifestyle is consigned this year is packed for us as a brand and you the viewers are not left out we have some of the best interviews you would ever see on any blog here this year and also two world class Events and a surprise announcement for the LADIES this March, all you need do it keep on keeping up with us not to miss out on all this for this year.  
 With that aside we changed from face of the week to now face of the month due to popular demand for it.............. so the team can take its time to select and review all those who opted for the spot in a month....................... Meet miss miracle or beejay as her close friends call her whos our ABJRICHTEENSFOTM  for the month of January, get to read her exciting interview and get to know her better and learn a few of her beauty tips.. 

Miracle Adaku Chihurumnanya Ehuriah 

Tell us abit about yourself?
I'm funny, extremely loud and outspoken, friendly, I'm open to try new things, I'm the first child, I love the almighty God first, then my family and friends.

What's your definition of beauty?
True beauty lies in the heart and can never be hidden. The person you are can and will change but the person inside can never change and that's what should be really seen. Beauty can be spotted thousand miles away. You must not be seen physically before someone knows your absolutely beautiful. True beauty be natural (no makeup). 

What are some of your personal beauty tips or secrets?
My beauty tip is we all should appreciate ourselves no matter how ugly or how beautiful we're because if we look down on ourselves everyone around us will also look down on us and call us horrible and terrifying names which can reduce a person's confidence so no matter the amount of pimples or acne scars on our faces we should still appreciate ourselves, and thank God for making us beautiful/handsome and keep the self love game strong.

I love shopping, reading, eating, hanging out with friends, traveling to new places and cooking.

What keeps you Awake at Night?
Gisting, FaceTiming and listening to my music keeps me awake. 

Favorite TV show?
Jenifa's diary

Best Compliment you Ever Received?
"You're someone's reason to smile"

What was The Last picture you Took with your phone?

What's your Dress sense like?
I like Dresses with heels, trousers and tops.

Whose your Role Model and Why?
My mum is my role model because she is a strong woman and she makes education so effortless and easy going. I appreciate everything she has contributed to my life and I really love and cherish every moment.

Can Animals commit Suicide?
Yes animals can commit suicide because we all are animals(mammals) just slightly higher than other animals

Rate your Beauty Over 10? 

Are you the shy Type?
I can be shy sometimes especially when I'm around new people.

What Cheers you Up?
Watching the stupid videos we made in school (boredom) 😂😂 there are really funny. 

If you could spend a day with a celebrity who would that Be?
Blossom Chukwujekwu

Ever been to Jail?

What's your Definition of An Ideal African lady?
An ideal African woman is strong, courageous, unbreakable, independent, she's a decision maker, tough and has the ability to withstand pain. 

It is possible to love Two people at Once?

Contacts (ig, twitter, Facebook, snapchat)?
@Meerahkul On IG and Twitter

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