Sunday, 12 February 2017


Hello readers !!!, we are back again with another monthly Exclusive interview with a man of intrepridy. He is a handsome and hardworking entertainment entrepreneur whose middle name is "STANDARD" just as the popular song quotes "everything he does na STANDARD" And by all means his works exceeds him because he sets such a standard among magnates. You know the saying "to whom much is given, much is expected" is very evident in this magnanimous man, in less than 5 years he has grown to become a heavy weight in the entertainment industry with sold out parties, dinners, concerts and has pulled off some of the most amazing weddings we have seen in Abuja..... He is not in any mood to relent as he daily strives to better himself in so many areas. 

Glamorously we are awed to flaunt our guest for this exclusive edition. He is young, talented, focused, strong, enterprising and a highly classified top official. Popularly called oga play for his stress free easy going lifestyle, he has carved out a niche for himself through his entertainment outfit ''PRESSPLAY''... get a pen and paper as you read so you can get To know who this man is and have a sneak peak into his life and lifestyle....we introduce him to you....

Desmond james ezenwa. 

What do your friends call you?
Pressplay and closer frnds call me oga play.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?
Am a free spirited young man, workaholic and love my mom alot lol.

Am from anambra state Nigeria.

Schools Attended?
Attended mypa nur & pri school minna niger state afta den ma high skul @ jdo connel high skul we call it den also known as gss minna niger state also after which my family relocated to Abuja and my collage studies @ university of Abuja,

How did you get introduced into the Events and entertainment sector?
Really its a pretty long one basically from initial i wanted to be an engineer had love for gadgets assembling and dissembling den ah got into collage everything changed wen ah met a group namely fastforward ent bck den in skul dat was wen everything started, the love, focus and determination has been my driving force till date

Can you remember your first ever event or first event you were part of the organizers?
Lol definitely i started with a party called THE ARRIVAL it was more like da lunch of pressplay entertainment and it was a massive success.


Tell us abit about this new wave your part of the Black bottle boys movement?
Yeaaa BBB ah love that phrase new wave so basically bbb is an affiliation of the brand belaire product of France  now taking over the market in Abuja the black bottle boys are the brand faces u get to see around your city ur clubs your daily lifestyle dey portrait the luxurious lifestyle affiliating with the brand belaire means bbb or bba or bbm is belaire is luxury is taste is life !!!!  


How do you train yourself to be better at what you do?
I stay hungry and humble.

What is it about your brand "PRESSPLAY" That makes its different from others?
I am good at what i do, we make success look easy we make branding and amplification a thing of daily achievement.


What's the vision or blueprint of the PRESSPLAY ENTERTAINMENT?
Basically the vision of the brand pp ent is to be a topnotch in da entertainment industry in da capital and world wide with time..making entertainment , showbiz and the pr life a tin everyone can have access to at every level at any point in time..

What are you working on Presently?
Presently its obvious seeing whats trending online is #Theblackbottleaffair scheduled for the 24th of february at club loud wuse 2 abuja , this day is gon be legendary. belaire, black bottle boys would be made whole to the people of abuja, see wat its all about and have a feel of its lifestyle. comethru and experience luxury in its new form.


Do you have a team you work with?
Yea ah do, we best refer it to NETWORK, have alot of individuals in our network all serve different purposes and offer different services all to one desired goal which is Success !!!

Which is easier to handle a corporate Event or Social Event?
Hmmmmm i must say they both got their challenges . Corporate events is pretty awesome to handle because it has its target and delivery range and picture also social events hmmmmmm damn social events are way harder loll i think cooperate events is easier to me in person tho dont know about others view.

What are the challenges that you face most times?
Everything about this business is a challenge, from challenges of resources to the risk of losing those resources to whether to everything ... everything is a challenge in my line of work because if one tin goes wrong alot goes wrong.

What's your income range from your Job?
Depends on the nature of the job in particular we handle at each point in time income varies on a constant buh know this plus or minus income range real

Do you attend other brands Event?
Yea why not definitely you cant be an island or u would fail we grow by reciprocating in this business ... its a we thing tin not a I thing.

Which influential people or Celebrities do you know?
Hahahhahahaha really if u wanna define my nature of work it cant be complete without having influential people or celebrities on a daily basis anyways to mention a few and probably those ive worked wit.
Korede bello
Senator  usman
Sheikdouglas Belaire
Reekado banks
Baze University
Kiss daniel
Techno mobile
Vdj adams
And loads tho alot its wah we do thanks.


What item would you Never Travel without?
Ahhhhh ma fone especially and wifi

What's your most Valuable item?
My Pc
My Fone
My pen and diary
And i love cloths chaii lool alot

Are you single or double?
Hahahha guess an double, In a relationship. 

What do you do for fun when you not working?
I chat am always on ma fone
Movies n writing

How do you balance work and school?
I make use of the sleep hours to balance up lost hours so also dey say there's time for everything and also make sure i dnt invest my time in whats not meant for it

What other projects are you working On?
The Belaire project is quit a long one tho
Smirnoff campaign also
Also working on a project soon to be announced tho, its a package

What should we be expecting from the PRESSPLAY GROUP in the future?
Expect everything and ideal and goal driven and focused brand got to offer and its what u gon get ....

Contacts ( twitter, Facebook, instragram, snapchat)?
Twitter :- @pressplayent_
Facebook:- DesmondEzenwa
Instagram :- @pressplayent
Snapchat :- @pressplayent1


  1. thumbs up menh, more grease to your elbows.

  2. Hardworking, Diligent and Ambitious... You will surely get to your desired destination... Greatness awaits you...