Saturday, 20 February 2016


In this TEBB (TEENS EXCLUSIVE BIRTHDAY BASH) Edition Teamabjrichteens graciously presents to you "A jolly Good fellow" whose got the radiance, style, warmth and friendliness befitting of her Class and status in the Society...... We present to you Abjrichteens Scholarstica her humorous but strategic Response to the question "CAN AN ANIMAL COMMIT SUICIDE".

Okolo Scholastica.

What school do you Attend?
Currently doing my A level program.

Just turned 18.

Tell us abit about yourself?
am a very lovely person I love to make friends anytime anywhere I am very inquisitive I love to look for trouble a lot I am very emotional but I like to form jagaban please don't mind me I love to play basketball I love to dance,sing but am to shy that's why I tell people I can't sing but I know I have a lovely voice😂😂 and I am the type I MUST LEAVE AN IMPACT IN YOUR LIFE IF I KNOW YOU

How Did you celebrate/ Mark your Birthday?
My birthday was a wonderful one no doubt I didn't celebrate it on the real date which was on the 11th of February I waited till 13th a Saturday so everyone I invited could come without excuses of school and all I did a dinner with my friends at the sandralia hotel at jabi and after the dinner we all went grooving.

What gifts did You get?
I got a lot of gifts firstly I got one big gift from our Lord Jesus Christ who made me see this new year and then lovely gifts from my family members and a lot from my amazing friends both in naira notes, and dollar notes.

What did I wear for your special day?
I wore a dress designed by me and then I gave my beautiful tailor who always gets all my styles correctly.

What do I hope to achieve by this time next year?
By this time next year by the special grace of God I want to be into face modeling and also start interviewing   For different photographer who are into wedding documentaries tho I have started.

Are you married or involved with anyone?
I will leave it to with myself but obviously am not married.

Do u make friends easily?
I love making friends like I don't care if u don't like me or not I will keep talking to you till you want to relate me with even when you say trash about me I LOVE it cause it shows that I have an impact in your life, you still talk about me when Am gone no matter what and later on we will become friends but am very careful with friendship and I CAN NEVER SELECT MY FRIENDS CAUSE EVERYONE LEAVES AN IMPACT IN MY LIFE.


favorite designer?
Trust me I know majority of the girls have time for this but trust me I don't have a favorite designer I wear any bloody think that catches my eye not minding who the designer is especially if it's black, lemon green, pink, orange or red. 

Can animals commit Suicide?
A very funny question but Animal suicide refers to a self-destructive behavior displayed by various species of animal that has been likened to suicide, although it is generally thought that humans are the only creatures that will purposefully put an end to their own existence with knowledge of the consequences. There are anecdotal reports of grieving pets ending their lives after the death of their owner, or lifelong animal partners refusing to feed after the death of their spouse, animals have thrown themselves off cliffs and pods of whales have stranded themselves on beaches.

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Thank you very much for the explicit interview I enjoyed it and it was fun God bless

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