Sunday, 13 March 2016


We wish to say a big thank you to the the entire team of Abjrichteens for their undiluted effort and team spirit put together to towards the growth of the network, we must okay their effort so far in fostering the mission and vision of the network. We must also say a big thank you to our supporters all over Nigeria and in the diaspora for your enthusiasm to ensure that we move forward. Abjrichteens have a lot of events coming up in 2016 and subsequent years to come, therefore the blog is not just created to socially promote our rich young entrepreneurs, but to sanitize and build a country where teenagers would equally be decision makers.Therefore in expanding our scope,I must say this is a platform where we build young leaders and entrepreneurs, young visioneers, volunteers, young patriotic Nigerians that have decided to embark on this journey to change their immediate environment, and to Foster nation building.
Therefore Abjrichteens, unveil a project that would touch lives and meet the demand of Nigerians that are leaving in abject poverty, penury and squalor. We introduce "save a soul tour". As a network we believe we have a social responsibility to affect lives in our communities, environment and the society at large, we don't have to wait for the government to preach change. Therefore Abjrichteens introduce"AMA RICH VOLUNTEER"as a theme for our 2016 project tag "AMA TEEN GIVER"to support our fellow youths and teenagers,send them back to school provide them with basic needs as our little quota to sustainable development goals.
We therefore solicit the support of every young teenager and youths that is well to do, to support this movement in any form, it could be in cash,relief materials, selfless volunteer services, also as a veritable tool to cut across Nigeria we also seek the support from civil society groups, media outfit, bloggers, magazines, newspapers to be part of this movement.
More information would be posted on Events in the blog, feel free to contact us and be part of making history I must say a very big thank you for your support so far let's build and carry this vision together..  #ENGAGINGNIGERIATEENAGERS.

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