Friday, 24 June 2016


There's something about the number two that just shows a difference. Be it a duo in a musical scene or the playing cards featuring two pips or couples. It's just an interesting number that produces multiple results if abilities are utilized well. Here we have two God- manufactured humans who not only look alike but have the same abilities,exceptional beauty,vision,and commitment to their enterprise. Introducing the face or rather faces of the month of June our special twin segment.

Husseina and Hassana Jafiya, but Hussy and Hassy for short.

Who saw the world first & had to wait for the other? 
Hassana came into the world first, meanwhile Husseina had to respect herself for two minutes before she followed.

Tell us a bit about yourselves?
Well, we're both 18, schooled in funtaj primary and premiere academy. We are photo freaks and we both hate singing, so please never ask us to sing.

How do you both define beauty?
No lie, when you see someone that is physically beautiful you have to acknowledge their beauty, but true beauty comes from character and how you carry yourself. 

Share a beauty tip you guys use together?
Fleeky eyeliner is key. Also, lipstick is best worn when used with lip liner.

We love taking pictures, watching movies and series and going out a lot.

What's your Dress sense like for Husseina and for Hassana ?
We dress quite similar. we enjoy wearing both casual and formal attires, depending on the occasion.

Who do you guys talk to more when in a problem, your mother or father?
We can't really choose one over the other, they both have their areas of specialty when advising. For example our dad is good for school and money issues, while our mum is better at spiritual and emotional stuffs.

Who's the shy one among both of you?
Lol Husseina is, but Hassana can be shy at times.

Do people Ever tried to compare Beauty between both of you, Who wins?
Yhup, although it's annoying, but the answer usually varies (we're twins so..) 

They say twins posses special powers together. What do u guys have?
We have the power of the Holy Spirit 😏.

If both of you could spend a day with a celebrity who would that Be?
Falz!! He's just too funny! And seems nice too.

It is possible to love Two people at Once?
Don't let tv deceive you, you can't. If you truly love someone, you love them. If it's divided then it's probably not love, more like lust. 

Contacts (ig, twitter, Facebook, snapchat)?
Instagram: @hassy.jafiya &       @_husseiina_
Twitter: huxy_901 & simplee_hacee
 Snapchat: huxy_901, Hassy likes her privacy.