Saturday, 19 November 2016


We have another beauty to call our face of the month for November, A young lady that lives and school in Abuja we sure did enjoy her interview am sure you all would enjoy reading about her and learning some of her beauty tips......
sadly she didn't leave her social media accounts details here Lol we just feel sad for all those social media trackers.... get to meet miss Chelsea Robert our face of the month for November

My name is Chelsea Robert.

Tell us abit about yourself?
I'm a student, currently at Veritas university. I model and design as well, I sell my designs some times too. I'm a little bit shy lol.

How do you define Beauty? 
Well, beauty isn't only based on facial looks it has a lot to do with your character too.

Who has the greatest influence on your life?
God and my mum.

What makes you angry?
I have a bit of a temper so a lot of things makes me angry sometimes.

How do you handle difficult circumstances?
I pray and I used to over think things but I'm trying to let go of that habit.

What do you like to do for fun?
Design clothes, Hang out with my best frnd And few other friends.

If you were running for president in the 2015 elections what would be the primary focal point for you campaign?
I'd make sure every child in Nigeria gets free education, atleast up to d secondary level because I see children hawk a lot more than they attend school, I'll also try and create more jobs for d youths and free health care in some areas.

If you could spend a day with a celebrity who would that Be?
Sofia vegara ooo lol. Am I allowed to say two?? Cus I luv Tyler Perry too.

What's your favorite song and why?
I dont have a fav Song.

Best Designer?
To be honest I don't know d names of so many designers but I love Giorgio armani.

Many teen girls are becoming pregnant today, do you think they should be punished for their actions?
I think if they are under aged and they had an intercourse willingly without any force, then yes, they should be punished. Cus I feel any one into a relationship should be careful and be able to take care of themselves.

What are some of your personal beauty tips or secrets?

hmm.. Personal beauty tips.. I use lemon to bath all d time, I add lemon in bathing water cus it clears my skin and makes it fresh, I add shear butter oil to my cream cus it maintains my color and clears my skin too then I use apple cider and water to clean my face twice or once or day if I remember cus honestly its hard to keep up.

If your to Rate your Beauty range 10 what would it be?
11 LOL.

Is the saying "No honey without Money" true in your case?
Its true, that's y its good to work hard.

What talents do you have that we might not know about?
I sing and Draw.

Future Ambition?
I want to be more of a philanthropist than any other thing

Contacts( Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, Facebook, 2go, hi5,)?



  1. Where are the stuffs she is designing?

  2. you give me some suggestion through by your post.Thanks.