Saturday, 23 September 2017


We back like we never left , after an amazing summer break with mind blowing events as snapchat takeover party and Nemokush 2 we back to blogging as usual as we give you the best entertainment, lifestyle and teen entrepreneur interviews.
and not to forget our beautiful ladies that grace our pages every month as our face of the month..... this month of September is special for us cause with us is a very special face very beautiful lady and also the talk of the town, we would let her do all the talking and introduction for herself so you all get to know her.....
so with that said meet our face of the month for September 2017 sexy figure 8 lady miss oyin vanessa.

Please introduce yourself ..
Hello,I'm Vanessa Oyinkepreye Fegbeboh, you probably know me as oyin on my social accounts. I'm 18, i'm a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Where do you school and what do you study?
I just recently graduated from Cherry field College, i'm planning on studying in Girne American University of Cyprus. I want to study Architecture.

What's your definition of an ideal African Lady?
Well, my definition of an ideal African lady is a lady of  strength,culture and beauty. 

How do you define Beauty?
Beauty is confidence, being yourself and accepting everything about you, this includes your flaws and insecurities. Beauty is when a person  recognizes that they are exotic.

On a Scale of 1-10 how would you rate your beauty?
Mehn, I see myself as an 8 or 9. Lol its not easy.

What's an interesting thing about you that we wouldn't learn from just a first meeting ?
I eat a lot lol, but I can act posh on a date :)

If you were to create a show of your own (something like big brother) what would you change/ add ?
African Geordie shore! Lol, I'm kidding, I was thinking something very fun like dating in the dark, but some girls could just end up preggy  
So I'll stick with something that involves empowering youths and their talents.

Please share some of your beauty tips with Us?
Just drink a lot of water, like for real , then eat healthy and exfoliate your skin every two weeks. And please get a good highlighter or bronzer, you will thank me later.

When is your birthday month?
I'm an October baby...

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you?
So I went for this Indian festival with a couple of my friends ( holi festival, which is basically throwing colouful powder at anyone and having fun) and we were getting turnt and stuff, so I was feeling sly with myself, I had a pack of colored powder in my hand and I was tryna slap him with it...but I was so unsharp because he just turned immediately and pushed me in the pool and i almost drowned because manz cannot swim, and to top it up my phone was in my pocket... 

Future Ambition? 
For the sake of Nigerian parents and if worse comes to worse, I wanna be an Architect.
But I actually want to be somewhere in the entertainment industry.

What's a must have item you'd advise people to have?
I could just say phone, because you can't live in this world without one.
And lip balm, you can't be carrying crusting lips around 

Are you single? 
Yes, I am.

Tell us two steps to preparing your Favorite meal?
1.Order uber
2. Buy dominos pizza, pepperoni type with extra cheese :)

Contacts ( facebook, twitter, 2go, hi5, myspace, snapchat)?
 Follow me on my Instagram and  Snapchat : @itsoyin
And on my twitter : @vvanesda

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