Saturday, 18 July 2015


Panabali Soccer Tournament, happening live at Maitama Gardens will feature your best Abuja people. There will be drinks, food, Ps4 and Fifa tournaments, Live Music, Performances by AJ , CDG Dancers, The Unit, Dj X , Meezy and many more. Also present will be the Gyros 2 Grillz, Cupcake Couture etc. Turn up with Chelsea nation and stand a chance to be on her blog and vlog also, interact with the beautiful model, Sharon Browne  Peter,  Meet up with Vika WIlliams and get to order items from him, Chill with salim harry, Get free magazines from the Abj Rich Teens , Get free makeup from Tiara, chill with the finest and most beautiful teens in Abuja

Price : 500
Vip : Regular
Fifa: 500 naira

Now for interested players and attendees, here is all you need to know

Registration fee: 25,000 naira

Prize money: 100,000 naira

Venue: Maitama Gardens, near Holy Trinity Church, NUC, Forte Oil, MAITAMA.

Time and date: 10:30 am, Tuesday 21st JulyWednesday, July 22nd, 2015.

Players; (5 players, 1 keeper)

Subs; (Maximum of 3 subs)

Rules and regulations:

Be early so as to avoid disqualification, and fill your slots to play.
All players should be below 19 years of age, if not the team will be disqualified.
No refund of money to any team will be allowed.
Captains will be held responsible for his players’ conditions.
No foul play, foul language.
A match is played for 15-20 minutes (plus extra time).
Any act of violence will lead to disqualification and arrest of the involved.
For more information contact;

Tayo Oladele : 08099349898 ,Twitter;@tayo_oladele.
Koplamma Nenranden (Pablo): 08167472878, Twitter;@mr_randen

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