Friday, 21 August 2015


Hello guys, hope you are still enjoying the summer. We present to you our face of the week where we feature the hottest girls in the city of Abuja . She is too cute, to stylish and might be the hottest fotw on the blog. Say hello to Ruth Nwokolo, our new Face of The week.

 OK Fotw, can you introduce yourself? 
My name Ruth Nwokolo, I'm18years Schooling in Coventry university uk Family of six Five girls and a boy I'm the fifth.

Movies music traveling playing basket ball shopping parties: And playing video games 

Hmmn basketball, ok let's talk sport. Who's ur favorite basketball player? 
Lebron James 

If you could travel anywhere in d world, where would you go to? 

Ok let's talk movies, music, gaming, shopping n guys😁😁 
Haha ok

For music - hip hop and RnB. For movies - action and romantic. Fifa or mortal kombat 
Hmm guys lol 

Whats ur turn on/turn off about a guy? 
Turn on would be Voice and appearance ,Tall and sexy 
Turn off would be body odour


So you like partying heh, tell us your best dance moves?  Shoki, azonto, shakiti bobo etc.
Lol, don't have any 😂  I don't know how to dance 😂 Just move lol.


 Whats ur beauty secret?
 Eating healthy and exercise 

Whats ur definition of beauty? 

Combination of all the qualities of a person that is delight 

What do u aspire to be? 

To be an ambassador

Are you a tall, sexy and goodlooking guy with a sexy voice? Follow ruth on IG: ruth_blahk and Twitter: @ruthnwokolo and you may be lucky to turn her bulb on.

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