Thursday, 27 August 2015


Yes yes yes!!!! People we are back from our break for the Summer your Biggest teen Blog a lot has happened this short period and a lot of people are what to see what New stuff we have in stores for them we Kick off our on the Rise segment with the talented and attractive lady miss Eferoghene Oraka who people say has the voice of an Angel......... From her guitar playing skills to her beautiful stage performances this summer In case u couldn't meet her at her shows we caught up with her and gave you all the chance to get to know her.

My name is Eferoghene Oraka

What's your stage Name?
My stage name is Efe

Am 16 years old

Tell us a bit about yourself?
 I'm from Delta state but I was born in Lagos. I have 8 siblings and I'm the 4th out of the 9 of us. I'm a Christian. I enjoy eating, reading and making people laugh. 

What's the first song you Ever remember hearing?
The first song I can ever remember hearing is The Sound of Music from the movie, Sound of Music.

What are you listening too lately?
I've been listening to a lot of Sia in order to improve my writing and a lot of show tunes from Broadway performances to improve my voice 

What's your favorite album by an artist?
The I don't really have a favorite album by any artist, but Ed Sheeran's '+' album inspired a lot of my playing and song writing techniques.

What song of yours are you most proud of?
 I think my songs that I'm most proud of are 'Free your Mind' and 'Naija Child' and 'Omalicha' because to me the content of the song in relation to the lyrics matters more than the beat. I like the way I wrote those songs and I feel like they have very good messages.

How do you get your music out there?
      As a musician, on my own, I make use of soundcloud, twitter, Facebook and all other social media. I have a team too and they can get my music up on blogs as well as the radio.

What's the unique thing about your style of Music?
     Well I'd like to tell you that it's completely unique but I believe it's eclectic because a lot of ideas are derived from a lot of things. After all,  variety brings forth spice. But even in its eclectic nature, there are some authentic and dynamic elements which shine through my writing. I write music that edifies the soul. Music that transcends past a beat or a rhythm and actually gives you something to think about or at least uplifts your spirit.

How long have you been doing this?
I started singing at the age of three. My love of music was developed when I joined my church's choir. I didn't start writing my own songs till I was about 9 and i started playing guitar when i was 11. I released my debut album 'The Beginning' when I was about 11 or 12

Who are your role models?
   Generally my role models are my parents but when it comes to music, my role models internationally are Barbara Streisand for the wonderful way she sings and the Beatles for making music that cuts across every generation. Locally, it's Tuface because I love the way he approaches music and Asa for not being afraid to be different in terms of style of music.

What would you be doing if you weren't doing music?
     If i wasn't doing music right now, I'd probably be baking one pastry or the other as I have a love for the culinary arts.

Where and where have you performed at? 
    I've performed at BNA Prom, Hurricane Rush, Sabali Fashion show and the Esquire Launch which have all taken place this summer.

What's next for you, upcoming projects and all that?
 I have a song dropping very soon and it's being produced by GospelOnDeBeatz 

Are you married or involved with anyone?
No and no.

Do you make friends easily?
    No, not really. I'm friendly and I can be very social and lively if I see that the place I am needs that. But as much as I am friendly, I don't make friends easily because of how important I feel the role of a friend is and how a friend shouldn't just be anybody.

What's your favorite food?

Do you worry whether people like you for the real you or because your an artist? 
   Well before I'm a musician, I'm a person. And I think people like me as a person because they get to know me through my music. But on the other hand if they don't,  it's okay. You can't please everyone.

Contacts(snapchat, IG , twitter, Facebook)
 @efeoraka on twitter, efeoraka on instagram, Efe Oraka on Facebook and Eferoghene on snapchat