Sunday, 25 October 2015


Happy sunday our beautiful and handsome viewers sorry this weeks FOTW came Late but save the best for the last most times and we give you our 32nd FACE OF THE WEEK this beautiful dark beauty is sure one of our best and most definitely a true definition of an African lady, get to read her chart topping interview and learn some new things about her and the best part is her PHONE number is somewhere in between the interview so take your time to read it so as not to miss it.......................................have a wonderful week ahead. XOXO 

Leila Nabila Miriam Oby Boulhassane 

Tell us abit about yourself?
A bit about myself I am a 5'10 dark skinned Nigerian and Nigerien. I'm an only child. i love food. i love meeting new people and traveling. I'm christian . I study law at the university of Essex. i absolutely adore my family and my friends and i design clothes 

Swimming , reading , designing , traveling and laughing a lotz
Whats your definition of beauty? 
Being yourself in a world where it is so easy to be a copy 

Does beauty have to do mostly with facial looks ?
It has to do with your face , the sway of your hips , the largeness and kindness of your heart and the Intellectual capacity of your brain.

How old were you when you started cooking?
Started since i was ten years old.
When you go shopping what type of outfits and shoes do you go for?
Mostly black outfits , i like high rise jeans and body con dresses . I like comfortable sneakers and really high statement heels. 

Favorite pet?
I am actually terrified of animals but if i could get a pet i would probably get a white lion cub.

What are some of your beauty Tips?
For products , less is more. 
-Don't sleep with makeup on.
-A must have is a homemade sugar, honey and olive oil scrub. 

Whats your ideal man like? 
God fearing , Honest , Genuinely kind hearted , Smart , Open minded and Extremely fun and funny 
Seems you are into modelling?
Well i don't know how to answer that. I'm open to taking pictures and i love it but I'm no professional model.
What talents do you have that we may not know about?
 I low-key make awesome pancakes 

What do you love most about being Nigerian?
 I love the culture, especially the traditional attires , so beautiful. and the food YASSS!

Favorite Artist?
I can't pick one, but i love Alessia Cara , Beyonce , James Bay , Rae Sremmurd and sam smith

Best song you have heard this year?
Hello by Adele


  1. She's even more amazing in person...she's a timeless dazzle...

  2. She's even more amazing in person...she's a timeless dazzle...