Wednesday, 21 October 2015


                    " My brain is key to set me free''- Harry Houdi.                             
Welcome to the world of this beautiful brain (Miss Alexandra Ebie) a designate designer, designed by God. This special interview will wow you, as it beams the searchlight on grey areas on how to Unearth and unravel the meanings of the real wealth, Which is KNOWLEDGE. Friends, this enterprising and arising miss Alexandra has pursued knowledge with every sense of focus and commitment which has led to continued expansion in her skills. A young entrepreneur, she has made up privileged damsels and planned their special Day and events satisfactorily. Welcome to the world of our perfectly coated designer, blessed with the gifts of Handwork and Hardwork!!! - Credit Charles asiegbu

Name ?
Alexandra Ebie

What do your friends call you?
Alex, aligz

Tell us abit about yourself?
I'm outgoing and a perfectionist. I know what I want and I go for it.

19 years old

Languages you speak?
English! Little Yoruba

What's your dress sense like? 
 Cool and comfy

Background (state) and position in family?
Am from delta state am the 4th Child

Most valuable item?

Favorite pet?

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
Pressure. I work better and faster under pressure.

Describe a typical workday for you?
Pray, shower, eat, work, class, work, eat, shower, pray and sleep.

What do you do to make your money as a young entrepreneur?
Anything I can; makeup, am a fashion design, interior designer, and event planning.

What makes you unique?
I'm a really bold lady.

How do you charge for your services?
Depending on the location and type of work.

What type of Events do you organize or help Organize the most?
Shows for teens and youth mostly. 

When things don't go as planned how do you fix them?
Stop thinking for 5minutes and start again.

How did your career start in the make up and beauty world?
About a year ago, I had an acquaintance draw my eyebrows.  They were perfect. I asked her to help me out for a class I was rushing too but she did not have my time, I simply asked her for her kit, sat in front of the mirror and did a replica of what she did. Thing is I know how to draw but I dint know it would pay off on makeup. I guess her lack of help that time that motivated me to do mine. From there it only got better. I started branching out to different segments.

How has being an entrepreneur affected your family?
It runs in the family so I'm only representing and making them proud.

How Honest are you?
I'm decent *lol*

If you Where on an island and could only bring (3) things what would that be?
Internet, water, my phone

What was the last Gift you Gave someone?
A birthday cake

If you were 80 years old what would you tell your children?
Hard work pays off

Who's your role model/mentor?
My sister

What would you say are the top skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?
Determination and focus 

How do you define success?
Attaining every goal at a certain level I want too and at a certain time.

How do you market yourself or get what you do out there?
I let my work speak for itself. I use my work as evidence to others. Oh, and social media.

Was the best song you've heard this year?
Slowly -Boybreed

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 - 20 years?
Running one of the biggest design houses for young entrepreneurs as myself.

Vote of thanks to abjrichteens?
I especially want to appreciate you guys, your effort for laying a platform for people like myself and a huge thank you.

Contacts (ig, Facebook, Twitter and snapchat)?
IG- Aligzandra, Twitter @alexandraebie, snapchat -aligns drawing

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