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Gone are those days when young and beautiful ladies become liabilities  because of their good looks and fully dependent on family or otherwise for their needs and resources.  If you just meet this lady for the first time you would think she's a beauty queen or model because she is extremely elegant and her presence carries a sort of decorum that befits a real life queen!.
Let's get started, for those who haven't heard or done business with her, she's the CEO of the brand Clothes@ Claudia, looking at her you know she has good taste and a very fashionable lady of which most of her outfits are her designs.......... You should be rest assured that her collections are mind blowing.

Cashing out is a normal routine for this lovely lady as far as the day breaks orders keep coming, she started her business majorly from the university and expanded to Lagos , Abuja and other states. Those outside Nigeria are not left out because for Miss Kyase distance is not a limiting factor.
This months exclusive edition is a Reminder and moral boost to our beautiful teen girls that there's more you can accomplish with your hands and not just being beautiful

Meet d very vibrant and energetic Claudia. A girl who has materialized d concept of the teenage dream. Her presence oozes nothing but elegance, glamour and motivation among her peers. She has melted d lacuna between dexterity and utmost intelligence. Allow us the pleasure to guide u through a few special things about this achieving lady......

Kyase Claudia 

What do your Friends Call you?

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I place premium on my goals and I am always positive about anything even if things go bad.

Benue state.

Schools Attended?( 2-3)
Divine Mercy Secondary School, Abuja; Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti.

How long have you been into fashion designing and how did your career being in That Sector? 
I have always been into fashion designing but professionally that should be about 3 years now.

Could you describe a Typical workday for You?
Hmm, okay basically, I work on next trends, illustrations, and most times watch YouTube videos to perfect my skills.

Why did you choose to be doing this?
It chose me!
Well, don't really know. I have always been interested in making clothes since when I was a kid ... Kinda grew up that way. 

Are there any Challenges to what you do?
I would say no...But then... That's not been truthful... Of course there are some times customers complain about the fabrics they asked you to get for them... But hey "it's what you wanted"  Getting to the right customers.. 

Do you find your Work Exciting or boring?
Exciting! It's what I love to do.. 

How did you learn this skills?
Well, when I was little I always used my mom's sowing machines and make clothes for my dolls; so I had an idea. But then I enrolled in fashion and make up artistry summer school (FAMA) plus YouTube... And That was it ..

Who are some people that have inspired you throughout your career?
Family.. Friends.. And basically designers that have made it, especially Lenre de sliver.

How has being an entrepreneur affected your Family?
They want me to focus on school and most importantly are supportive of my work.. 
I believe they are okay with it.

How do you market yourself and get your designs and clothes out there?
Social media, business cards, advertisements on flyers, church bulletins ... souvenirs like paper bags, tee-shirts and face caps...

What do you do for fun when your not working?
Music, attending parties, movies, hooking up with fashion Illustrations among others.

What's your ideal man like?
Hmm.. Understanding, supportive, real... I think so.. Mehn I don't know... 

What's your dress sense like?
Comfortable...Casuals...Sweat pants or jeans with a comfortable Tee.

What's your most Valuable item? 
I doubt if I have any.. Ermm...My pieces!

What is it about your style that sets you apart from others in this same Business?
It's totally different and unique...It expresses a free and fun loving person.. 

How do you balance your Job and school Work?
It's not easy but... When I'm in school ... I am in school, and when am at work, I'm at work.

What are some common Fashion mistakes Women Make?
Mixing patterns, and combination of outfits.

What outfit do you think every Lady should have in her closet?
A pair of jeans and a comfortable T.

What other projects are you working On?
Well, working on starting my sandals collection - male and female plus other great stuffs.

Where do you see yourself in 5years?
Hrmm... Owner of an empire that includes a renowned fashion school.

What extra preparation would you Recommend for some of our Teen Ladies hoping to Advance in this field?
Never give up.. It works! 
Take all the criticism; It would make you stronger, be determined. Set your goals and aim higher. Most importantly, one step at a time. Don't rush... 

Contact (Instagram- c_claudias.. Twitter, snapchat- claudiakyase Facebook ? Tel: +2347038552746


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