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Hello readers!!!, you know how we do it here, we are always here to inspire and rock yr minds with weekly dose of interesting, motivating, interviews and stories of our young one starting to acheive their goals and dreams at a young age. Today's young CEO is not an exception. This lad though very reserved in nature, his works are very flamboyant and exquisite. He is a handsome and hardworking entrepreneur whose designs can be matched with top designers around the world........ This guy is a trendsetter and we have all the scoop on how he started and what he hopes to achieve in the nearest future. With much pleasure we introduce to you CEO ogb clothing and designs nationwide Mr safe gbemileke.

Arolasafe Jesse Gbemileke

What do your Friends Call you?
OGB, safe

Tell us abit about yourself? 
My names Jesse, my Geez call me OGB, some call me safe, I did my secondary school here in Nigeria, and I went abroad to further my studies. I'm the fourth child out of five children. Both my parents are into businesses of there own and so are my siblings. As a person I feel life is meant to be enjoyed so what I do during my spare time is to try my possible best to chill. And a simply principle I live by is DMTL which means "Do More, Talk Less", because all successful people in life, do more of working than talking.


Schools Attended?( 2-3)
Premiere Academy, Faith Academy, Robert Gordon University

Countries visited?
Paris, Dubai, Germany, England, US (Florida), Egypt, Scotland, Singapore, Kenya, Ethiopia, China, Taiwan etc. 

How did you first get into fashion designing/shirt Making? 
Basically, I'm actually into so many fashion stuff and I know what it takes to keep up, so I just taught to myself that if this same people could come up with something people could wear and they will want to keep on wearing, I should be able to do the same which I'm currently doing.

How would you describe your fashion style?
My fashion style is calm

Could you describe a Typical workday for You?
A typical work day for me is quite simple. I don't have an office yet so I work from home. I have delivery days which I do by myself and days I don't deliver I stay and work. 

Why did you choose to be doing this?
I choose this because fashion is something I love. And I love seeing people look good as well as myself. 

Is fashion designing / Shirt making your profession or just a hobby for now?
It's a hobby still.

How would you describe your personal style and is there a person who is a fashion inspiration to you?
I'll describe my personal style as a calm way of dressing. My fashion inspirations are Kenya West, Bobby Chisom

At what age did you start being fascinated with designing?

How do you stay updated on current trends?
Basically, I just follow a couple of fashion icons and platforms and my nigga Bobby C.

Do you attend fashion weeks or fashion related events?
Nah.. I don't.

What item would you never travel without?
My Laptop.

What's the most treasured item in your closet?
My Hublot wristwatch.

How has being an entrepreneur affected your Family?
Me being an entrepreneur has affected my family positively, in the sense that people outside know that oh that's the family of the OGB guy lol. So it has put us out there a little.

How do you market yourself and get your caps and clothes out there?
My marketing strategy is one I'll call hustling.. I'll call it hustling because I'm always out there looking for someone to buy, someone to tell me how they see my designs and all that. Also, I bought every single one of my designs which I wear when ever I'm on the move, which also helps.

What do you do for fun when your not working?
When I'm off work I'm basically listening to music playing some Fifa and chilling still.

What's your ideal woman like?
My ideal woman? I'm obviously looking for a Peng tin.. But my ideal woman would be someone who has a beautiful character and a great sense of humour.

What's your most Valuable item? 
My Hublot watch still

What is it about your style that sets you apart from others in this same Business?
My style isn't really different from others in the game but what sets me apart is the way I carry my style. 

How do you balance your Job and school Work?
Balancing my Job and school isn't actually a big deal.. I just allocate time to each and make sure they don't clash.

What outfit do you think every Guy should have in his closet?
Ha! To me an outfit every guy should have are;  an OGB Teeshirt, a Balmain biker Jean and a legit pair of them Yeezys. 

What other projects are you working On?
I'm currently working on OGB tracksuits, and a couple of exclusives

Where do you see yourself in 5years?
As the CEO of OGBclothes world wide, that's me having my stores in different countries around the globe.

Contact (Instagram , Twitter, snapchat, Facebook)?
ogbclothes, safe_ogb, safeogb0, Jesse Leke Safe


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