Sunday, 16 October 2016


HEY!! How's the weekend going hope you all had a blast? to end the weekend on a soft note we are happy to present our face of the month for October early to last you all the month long ...... We where glad when we discovered this bombshell beauty, and we didn't waste no time to show her off to the whole Abuja.
so meet discover and enjoy this young ladies interview and be sure to add her up on her social media platforms..............HAPPY WEEKEND!!!

Eweka Harnet.

Tell us abit about yourself?
I'm an extrovert and a model........ I guess that's all.
What's your definition of beauty?
beauty to me is to feel free and real.
What are some of your personal beauty tips or secrets?
Wash off before bed.

playing football, trumpet, sleeping.
Tell us the steps in preparing your favorite meal?
Pounded yam (boil the yam and pound it) and any soup.
What keeps you Awake at Night?
Movies and surfing the net.
Favorite Tv show?
Made in American.

Best Compliment you Ever Received?
I dont keep note of that.

What's your Dress sense like?
simple and nice.

Whose your Role Model and Why?
Kimora lee Simmons cause she's very zealous.
Can Animals commit Suicide?

Rate your Beauty Over 10? 
I dont rate myself, people do that for me.

Are you the shy Type?  
At all, like I said I'm an extrovert.
What Cheers you Up?
Am always happy, but ice cream is good.

If you could spend a day with a celebrity who would that Be?
Jacob Perez (mindless behavior Princeton)
Ever been to Jail?

What's your Definition of An Ideal African lady?
Strong black and beautiful.
It is possible to love Two people at Once?
Well yes, you live God and others follow.
Contacts (ig, twitter, Facebook, snapchat)?
 Instagram n snapchat - cutehannywhite
Twitter - @ haanniieeee


  1. Muhammad SafyanMonday, April 24, 2017

    Hey diz is Muhammad 4rm ur primary school plz contact me 2ru dix number 08072823916

  2. Hello!! I'am glad to read the whole content of this topic and am very excited.Thank you.