Saturday, 29 October 2016


The kaymoney brand when it was first introduced in 2012-2013 was the talk of the town in the capital city, with its launch everyone was looking out to see what the new label had to offer without much time wasted the label signed its first artiste TEKNO same year and the song HOLIDAY with davido came out under the label and the video was shoot the company also didnt stop at just signing an artiste in the same year the first ever KAYMONEY SUMMER RAVE PARTY happened with a large turn out from the abuja people.
people where excited seeing the impact this new entertainment company was creating in such a short time and everyone showed support for the brand, people and media houses where eager to know who was behind the success of this rich in 2016 the company went through a major rebranding in which the right and ownership of the company was handed over to Mr kaymoney's 15years old first son MINE making him one the youngest CEO'S IN AFRICA!!! mine has promised to take the kaymoney brand wide and far as a young man full of new skills, innovative ideas in entertainment and stagergies to impact his generation thnrough the kaymoney brand.

below is his interview get to know him better.

OgheneMine Gbenedio

What do your friends call you?


Delta state

Schools Attended? 
Lead British international school

Countries visited?

How did you get introduced into the entertainment business?
My father introduced me to it.

Can you remember your first ever event you were part of the organizers?

How do you train yourself to be better at what you do? 
By doing more, learning everyday trying new things and constant self development.

What's the vision of Kaymoney entertainment? 
To bring together talented artists and make good music showcasing africa to the world.

How does it feel being one of the youngest Entertainment CEO in Africa?
Normal 😂

What's your income range from your events?

500,000naira downwards and upwards atimes depends on what type of events am organizing or part of at the time different events have its different income ranges...... income you get for a proper table sold show would be different from the income from a party.

Do you attend other brands Event?

Yes i do.

What item would you Never Travel without?

My phone. my mobile office

What's your most Valuable item?

My phone, its also part of my office i do some online work, make and receive important business calls..................... it just has to be my phone for now.

What do you do for fun when you not working? 
I Chill with my friends most times.

How do you balance work and school? 
By doing school work when it's time for school work to be done and work when it's time for work and not trying to do both at the same time.

What other projects are you working On?

A clothing line called czar collection and we started in Abuja and would expand to other states soon.

What should we be expecting from the Kaymoney brand in the future? 
More of the music, possibly I sign new artist and of course better and bigger events from the kaymoney crew!!!

Contacts ( twitter, Facebook, instragram, snapchat)?
 IG : mine.og  twitter : mine_og
Snapchat: omg_2515

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