Friday, 17 February 2017


Our face of the month is a lady like no other. She's not just beautiful outwardly but through her eyes and her enthralling smile you can see the beauty in her soul. She's full of life, laughter and adventure just being in her presence is enough to brighten anybody's day. Just as rare as her name she's priceless and her wonderful personality knows no bounds. She's full of awesome sauce. 
She's a Member of the NLN organization (party and event planners) with one of Summer 2016's greatest hit parties "summer mixers delirium" she's enterprising and dedicated. Her age never stops her or her friends from doing what they want to do. Welcome our face of the month, Kamsi Ogbata.


Call me Kamsi

Tell us about yourselves?

I'm boring lol, there's nothing much about me

How do you define beauty?

To me, the ability to stand out positively , not necessarily facial features.

Do you feel dark skinned girls are hotter than lightskinned girls?
I got this darkskinned friend Ane .... She's but I also got hot lightskinned friends too so it really just depends on the person.

Do you belong to any group and what are the events you've had?

Yeah I do, The NLN organization (party and event planners), GITD-January 2016, SMD-summer 2016, Delirium II- December 2016 IG:nln_official.


Share a beauty tip you use?
Never go to bed with makeup on.

What's your Dress sense like ?

Whatever I feel like wearing that day really.

Are you single?


How old are you ?

01/19/02 .... do the math😅

Who do you talk to more when in a problem, your mother or father?

My mother.

Are you the shy type?

Yeahhh, to an extent.

How did you spend Valentines day?

Don't want to talk about that.
Who's your best friend ever?

Chiamaka Abel Chukwuocha but I have other close friends who I love dearly though.

If you could spend a day with a celebrity who would that Be?
Zayn Malik.

It is possible to love Two people at Once?

Yes it is.

Contacts (facebook, instragram, twitter ,snapchat)?

I don't have a facelbook or Twitter account but IG: Pengbabygirl SC:Chelseakamsi.

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