Sunday, 5 February 2017


 Sugar, Curry, honey and Chemical X this were the perfect ingredients used to create the......... nope no no not POWERPUFF GIRLS, but da Triangles this three beautiful teen Ladies are all best friends. And our guest for this months ON THE RISE edition, Meet pearl, kelechi and Comfort they are both upcoming Models and smoking hot dancers. The type of dancers that make you shake your body even when your not in the Mood.... they shared a dance video on there Instagram you can check that out later as well....
Lets allow you all hear from them as they introduce themselves to us.

What are your Names?
Miss Pearl odinenu
Miss kelechi okpara
Miss comfort Gabriel. 

How did the triangle come about?

Well miss Pearl and kelechi have been best friends since junior school until miss comfort came in , and we have been best of friends and "da triangle " came about when miss Pearl took a picture of us and captioned it da triangle well since then that's what we are called.

Tell us about yourself individually?

Miss comfort : I am 17, l love art! Dance and well being with those two😍, novels! One word tho I'm a witch
Miss Pearl: I am 17, I love dancing, singing, being me basically and I hate people that can't keep it real ! I love my besties
Miss kelechi: I am 16, I love dancing that's my favorite hobby it's a part of me basically and being around my best friends.

Which are you girls mainly known for your Dancing or modeling?

Modeling actually.

How do you girls improve your Skills?

For dancing rehearsing and for modeling , it's in us.

Which is easier to do the modeling or dancing?


Who amongs the three of you is the hottest?

Lmao, we all are special, pretty and sexy in our own way

Which photographer do you girls work with?

Well we have worked with myke visuals and boom photography, except miss Kelechi wasn't around when we worked with boom photography for some reasons.

Are you girls gonna add singing to the list of your talents?

Well only two of us can sing , that's miss Pearl and kelechi , so NO we aren't adding it cause we work on agreement. 

Who's the best dancer among you girls?

We all have our weak points,so we help each other out , no one is perfect.

What should we Expect from you girls in the future?

The best actually.

Vote of thanks to Abjrichteens?

I must mention our deep sense of appreciation to Abjrichteens for the efforts put into this interview.

Contacts (facebook, instragram, twitter and snapchat)?

miss pearl :pearl_dadiva
Miss comfort:comfortgabriel6
Miss Kelechi:dopekaybee

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