Thursday, 25 May 2017


Good day people as we about entering the weekend what better way to do so than to give you Guys our Beautiful face of the month for the month of May 2017........ Today's beauty is one rare Gem, Imagine a light skinned, intellectually-gifted, fashion-inclined student…with such a beautiful face  Are you done imagining? Okay, open your eyes because your imagination is our new Face Of The Week...................
Without much talk you guys should meet a side of jane you all never Knew, get to know what keeps her glowing the way she does and other interesting things about her you didn't know!!

Jane Essien Ebong.


Current institution?
Bingham University.

Whats your defination of an idea african lady?
My definition of an ideal African lady is simply one who takes pride in her African culture.

what do you look for in a man?
I think an ideal man should have manners, sense, should be mature, financially stable and should also have the fear of God.

How do you define beauty?
My definition of beauty is the quality or rather the qualities of a person that are pleasurable to others.... 

Share some of your beauty tips to us?
NEVER SLEEP WITH MAKEUP ON! Always wash your face with clean water and soap and use face wipes afterwards because the water never takes everything out. If the makeup is heavy, the wipes should be used before and after washing. For dry skin, use a moisturizer.

how do you spend your day?
Wake up in the morning, prepare and go to work, maybe chill with friends after, go home, have my bath, watch tv a little and sleep.

What item can you not do without?
Ehm I don't know ... a phone

Are you single?
Yes I am, not searching tho....

What do you do for fun?
I can't say, could be anything depending on my mood and the people I'm with.

An future projects from you?
I've learnt a lot of skills I plan to incorporate into my brand 'seleva' .... basically beauty, fashion and crafts. I do makeup, hairstyling, fashion design,beads n basic craft, a bit of creative directing and I just launched an online store on Instagram recently.

My personal IG account is @jarhbongg ; my makeup page is @janeseleva_  AND my online store's page on IG is          My Snapchat handle is jarh_bongg

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