Sunday, 15 January 2017


With much Joy we are back after the december holidays and we welcome you all into this new year, this year is packed with lots of mind blowing interviews, also we would also be showcasing more hot and stunning faces of the month.
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We present our first face of the month for the year 2017, and the month of January miss juliet peter get to know more about her and see never before pictures of her.
My Name is Juliet Peter


I am 18 years old, will be 19 in may.

School(s) attended?

Regina Pacis College.
Currently in Bingham university studying mass communication.

Tell us about yourselves?

I am a young lady with so many talents, God fearing and very ambitious.

How do you define beauty?

Beauty to me how you see yourself and how you let others see you.

Do you feel dark skinned girls are more beautiful than lightskinned girls?

No, I think all skin colors are beautiful.

What talents do you have?

I write, I'm a good motivational speaker and adviser, I can dance lol, I rap and write songs too, I act etc.

Share a beauty tip you use?

I wash and wipe my face when I can and have my bath with detol. I don't really use things on my skin I feel nature and allowing your pores breath will do the work.

                            What's your Dress sense like?
I love fashion, I love clothes and also try to be decent and simple too. Too much spoils fashion.

                              What do you do for fun?
I listen to music, watch movies, dance, hangout with friends, read sometimes, eat and sleep too.

Who do you talk to more when in a problem, your mom or dad?
                                          My mother always.

                       What do you think about meeting new people?
I love to meet new people especially those that would impact positively in me.

                                     Most treasured item?
                                               My phone.

If you could spend a day with a celebrity who would that Be?
Dillish Mathews.

Is it possible to love Two people at Once?
Yes it is, love is so big and can't be quantified.
A million multiplied by two million is equal to?
lol I'm not good at maths but the answer is 2Trillion.