Sunday, 22 January 2017


Meet beautiful dark skinned dola as her close friends call her, a lady of strong will one can confidently say shes one of many people who set their minds on a project and makes sure its carried out in an orderly and well arranged manner making her clients hooked on her and her services........
lets not spill it all but give her the chance to tell us about herself and her business, enjoy her interview below... cheers

Adedolapo Adesanya

What do your friends call you?

Dola, Dolly or Dp.
I have quite a lot of nicknames.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

Firstly I'm 14. I manage models and I'm an event planner. So basically I plan and throw parties with the help of my two best friends, we also help others plan and hype their events. We then started a corporation called LDI.


Schools Attended?

Royal Family Academy (RFA)
The Regent Secondary School (TRSS) 

How did you get introduced into the Events and entertainment sector?

I like to go out, a lot. And at some point I saw that Abuja was sort of dry like nothing was happening. Then a friend brought up the idea of having party and so it started from there. 

Can you remember your first ever event or first event you were part of the organizers?
Yes i can. My first event was "Closure", the turn out was a whole lot bigger and better than expected, people call it one of the littest parties of 2016.

How do you train yourself to be better at what you do?
I listen to constructive criticism and I avoid those that try to discourage me. 

Which is easier to handle your parties or
Managing the people you manage?
Definitely managing models. 

Whats your income range?
depends on the turnout from people at the events and for the model it varies.
What are the challenges you face most times?
At times I'm not taking seriously because of my age. Like most people don't believe I'm 14. Then sometimes when i tell them they are like "See this small girl". I also noticed that people don't really take models seriously. They feel they should work for free when basically they are standing under the sun for hours yet still helping promote your business.

Do you attend other brands Event?
Yes i do.

Which Influential people have you met?
I have met a lot of influential people. Some more influential than others. So i can't start listing names. 

What do you do for fun when you not working?
I go out. I'm not the sort of person that stays home.

How do you balance work and school?
I try not to bring work to school or talk about it in school except when it's necessary. I also spend at least 4 hours each week to study. 

What other projects are you working On?
A party in summer and a photoshoot for some of the models i manage.

What should we be expecting from you in the future?
Definitely lots of parties and probably an established modelling agency.

Contacts ( twitter, Facebook, instragram, Snapchat)?
Instagram - @dola_ad
Twitter and snapchat - dolly_pie
LDI accounts
Instagram Facebook and Snapchat- @Ldi_official
You can also email us-

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