Sunday, 29 January 2017


 Its is true that this days all the ladies wanna become make up artist well we wouldn't blame them knowing that the beauty industry has turned to a muti billion Naira sector in Nigeria alone with foreigner investing grossly into the market with their different skincare product, aimed at making this women look so beautiful almost like angels.
so lets move over to why we are here today...... we have one beautiful make up artist interview for today to end your lovely weekend and YES shes our very own Abuja resident. For alot of AFE BABS students the brand {glitzbyibkay} wouldn't be a new name to them for within a short time her services have taken her places and yes shes a constant cashout queen every occasion just get her smiling to the bank afterwards..... get to meet and learn a few from this lady and have a wonderful week ahead. cheers

Ibukun adeyemi 

What do your friends call you?

Tell us about yourself, background, Education, Co-curricular activities E.t.c?

I'm an extrovert, im 5:2 in height , light skinned, I love singing(I have a pretty good voice), i rap, I love the colour pink (alot) , I like meeting new people, hanging out with my friends, I love love😍 make up and looking pretty. I appreciate caring and honest people, I'm a christian, yoruba, born and bred in abj, have 5 awesome siblings.



Schools attended?

I attended redeemer nursery and primary school abuja,
I had my secondary school education at community secondary school asokoro abuja and
I'm currently a law student at afe babalola university ado-ekiti.

Most valuable item?

I guess My make up box.

Whose your role model?
Jide of st Ola.

Whats your dress sense like? 

Mostly casual or
Appropriate for the occasion.

Describe a typical workday for you? 

A typical working day for Me starts  very early in the morning cuz my major working environment is school and most students prefer a makeover on Sundays or for dinners and even concerts then I'll start late in the afternoon . A max of 9- 10 make overs and I'm done for the day. Which could pull in about 25,000 at the rate of 2,500 per client.

Why did you chose make up?

I believe in creativity
And it's my passion to make myself and  people up, I feel very happy and accomplished once I'm done. Someone once said "if you find a job u love, you will never work a day in ur life" so for me that's exactly it...I feel I practically get paid for doing what I simply love to do and I'm good at.

What's your income range from your Job?

In a month i have made about 55,000.

Whats the biggest challenge make up artist face?

I've had to  make up a bride for her white wedding  (gosh I was super nervous cuz it was my first time).
And a major challenge for every other face is simply for my client to be super cooperative and stay still during the whole process and for me avoiding not setting a make over right which could lead to a fall out😱 #every girls nightmare.

How do you prepare Dry and Oily skin for foundation make up application?

For a dry skin I moisturize then end with a luminous Finnish
And for an oily skin i exfoliate then work towards a matte finnish

How often do you clean your make up tools?
Very often, After every single use I sanitize them with alcohol and after a whole session I soke them in warm water and disinfectant before washing with a sulphate free shampoo. Then I wipe them with a napkin and leave to dry, then polish them with a little coconut or olive oil.

How do you start a makeup routine on someone?

I first find out what kind of skin my client has, ranging from dry, oily, normal or even combination skin which is a combination of dry and oily skin, often In the form of dry face oily nose.
After figuring that out, i kick off from there with the look my client desires, to picking the right foundation, shade and so on.

Do you have a team you work with?

No I don't, my make up business is quite new and I intend on running a sole enterprise

Favorite artiste?

Wizkid / wandeCole.

Single or Double?


Whats next for you?

Looking forward to expanding my brand #glitzbyibkay and  getting my own camera and ring light ( i desperately need those) ,working towards more items getting customized with my brand name.
I also plan to having a summer make-up give away on Instagram. And hopefully my clients simply let me give them the glitz they deserve while letting me just do what I love all the same.

Contacts ( twitter, Facebook, instragram, snapchat)?
Twitter: its_Adeyinka
Instagram: i_beekae
Facebook: ibukun adeyemi


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