Friday, 13 March 2015


 She's our face of the week and I bet you already know why...from interaction with her you can just but fall in love with her. She's pretty and she knows it, we know it, and i bet you do too. You can find out more about her below...

What's your full names?

Anna Titilayo Zainab Boss Mustapha

 Can you tell  us a bit about yourself

Well I guess I'll say I'm friendly,  very easy going and outspoken.  I don't like meeting new people and I have very few friends. I'm very generous. I love babies, love partying . I love shopping for shoes.  I love food .  I'm a very very strong feminist. I have a strong passion  for politics.   I'm very keen on security issues especially because I'm from the northern part of Nigeria.  I love going out with my friends and all. I guess that's it Oh and above all,  I love my father more than life itself❤❤❤❤


Sleeping,  watching TV,  going out, partying,  watching or listening to news🙈,  swimming
Listening to music.

Can u define beauty in your own words?

Well to me goes beyond the physical. Obviously there's the physical aspect.  But aside that it has to do with your inner self. It has to do with character,  you might be beautiful and hot on the outside but then your character and aura might  be nasty.  And then you can be not so fine on the outside but on the inside you're beautiful, polite and all.  But then I guess there must be  balance,  beautiful on the outside meaning you dress well and have nice hair and beautiful on the inside meaning your character is good.But then beauty without brains is just a waste.

Favorite color?

Black is beautiful

 Favorite dish?

Pounded yam and egusi, with plenty meat and pepper.

Best hangout spot?

The Bank Abuja (pic)

What kind of music do u enjoy?

RnB, I love Ed Sheeran

❤❤❤, I like rap too, Drake is bae, 

J Cole too. 

Celebrity crush?

Chris Hemsworth

Turn on? Turn offs?

Turn on: muscular tall boys, boys that can sing, dark boys.
 Turn offs: mouth odor, body odor.

What do you aspire to be?

Well I want to study international and comparative politics first degree
Master in intelligence and security studies
I want to work at an intelligence agency,

 Your Social Contacts?

IG : miss_mustapha
Twitter : miss_mustapha11
Skype : miss_mustapha11
Snapchat :  miss_mustapha

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