Friday, 6 March 2015


Everyone loves a "Bad Guy" right? Someone who is good a what he does, talented beyond what anyone would expect...young and've just met one.We wont say much, we'll allow you discover him yourself. One thing extra we can say is the he's "THE REAL MVP!!!"

Tell us your full name

..Gospel Adams Jagaba

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

..I'm the second child of my parents, first boy. I'm from Kaduna state, grew up in Jos,Abuja all my life. Im a final student, studying Economics at the American University of Nigeria. 
..I'm into music. I produce mix and master myself. 
..I'm actually into rap music and I hope to stick what to my kind of music even though it isn't well acknowledged here in Nigeria.  


Do you make any profits from producing?

..Yeah I do ! But I don't want to, for now. I only produce for people because I'm surrounded by people who want to make music. I actually just feel comfortable producing myself and not others. But then it's a way a young man can make extra profit so why not? 

What kind of Music are you into?
Or do you do all types?

..I'm into rap! Hip hop to be specific 
..But I improvise 
..Based on what is offered 
 ..And what I feel like at that particular moment 

How long have you been a rapper?

..9 years 
..But I only got better about two years ago. I was - to me - whack MC 
 ..I used the past years to improve my skills 
..And now I'm fully comfortable and proud of what I do 
..I currently have some commendable songs out for grabs. No disappointments

We heard your latest single "random thoughts" , what inspired that?

..Yeah, random thoughts wasn't really inspired. I actually was in the mood to record some fire and I was at the studio (my room .lol.) 

..I actually had just listened to this J.Town rapper who's based in the U.S. His name is Donnie Dakum. And he blew my mind. So if there was any form of inspiration it came from him. 
..Random Thoughts was also recorded around February last year but dropped this year. Listening to it makes you understand why I said I'm comfortable and proud in what I do! 

Is there any musician you admire?
And whose music yours is like?

..There are a lot I do admire they're too many. Unfortunately not many Nigerian musicians though. I love listening to songs that make me think deep and songs that are real, I mean songs where artistes tell you about their lives. 
..This songs help other people in their own personal lives. More people relate to such music and that is what I do and hope to get better at. 
Give us some names
..In Nigeria, Jesse Jagz definitely tops my list. Others include Boogie and M.I

..Outside this but here in Africa include Casper Nyovest (S.A) 

 ..And then beyond Africa, Meek Mill does it all for me.

About your music:
What's your stage name?

 ..Skid Adams 

How many single have you dropped?

..About 7 in all, though I'd probably only count from the 4th. I like to see the others as me testing the mic and finding myself. 

Any collabos?

..Yeah. many! Not with any major artiste yet! Just with a few of my upcoming brothers: Inkzx, TDB, Scopy, Sesmo, Vitto and many more.

..We're like on a whole new level with this music we're in to. So just wait! 
Do you have any new projects you are currently working on?
..Yeah! I'm working on my Mixtape. It's most likely going to be titled "I AM SKID". 

If you could feature anybody(musician)who would it be.

..Dropping later this year 
..I'd want to work with Yemi Alade M.I and Tay, he's a dope vocalist and upcoming too.

What are the avenues you use to get your music out?

..I mostly just upload on host websites and post links on Twitter, after that I get them to blogs. I'm hoping on making them available on iTunes by next month! ( "Rollin" now on iTunes  )

How has downloads been so far?

..Downloads have been increasing. From having 34 downloads back in the days to now having around 2000 - 3000 downloads! Thank God.

So where do you see yourself in the next year

..Ah, still in school oh! I'm planning on finishing school first then further my Music. I'm actually trying to make music where I determine the message not a company or some management. So I want to finish make money and further me.

So you've got fans...

Say something encouraging to your abj rich teen fans

..Not fans, lovers!!! 
..Only thing I can say is keep the dream focused and practice! That's what makes "perfect" a reality. 

Your social contacts?
..Twitter: @Just_Skid . Facebook: Skid Adams . Instagram: skidadams 

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