Friday, 6 March 2015


Ladies and gentlemen, our face of the week is the beautiful Miss Liea Gan. All those who know her can proudly say she is a fun loving, free spirited and also very pretty young lady. She is also a very  confident and independent young lady, fun to be with and always the life of the party. See more of her beautiful photos below.

What's your full names?
Liea Gan

December 18th 

 Playing video games,swimming, doing make-up for people.

Tell us something about yourself
 I'm a crazy and fun person, I love to chill with friends, do stuff and cruise around the city, I'm light skinned, I'm beautiful  I don't depend on people I support myself And I'm a strong person emotionally and mentally

Can you define beauty in your own words?
Beauty has to do with the heart to me tho! And of course physical appearance

 What's the craziest thing you have ever done? 
 When I went out with my friends and they were racing,they were on top speed and I thought I was gonna die and I climbed up on the roof and was screaming f### the police

 Lol, you sure know how to turn up?
Yeah I do

 What kind of music do you enjoy?
American, Nigerian, Ghanian

Favorite Artist / Band
Rihanna, Burna boy, Trey Songz, Chris brown, Jhene aiko

Celeb Crush?
Trey Songz

Turn on? Turn offs?
 I dislike liars
  I dislike unnecessary BS
  I like chilling with friends

What do you aspire to be?
Social media handles
Twitter: @liea_xx
 Instagram: loudlover_Z
Snapchat: lea_mamii

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