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He makes good music,very eloquent and talented. When you listen to his work you can perceive the refreshing goodness of his lyricism. Now I can Testify and i'm sure you would too.
So everybody, meet Zilla...

Tell us you full names...

..Rodnee Okafor
..I'm igbo lol

 Tell us more about your self 

..Well first off most people know me as zilla. 
...This is because i rap. I started rapping at a very early stage in my life. Around when i used to live in Houston Texas.
..i really took it more seriously when i came back to Nigeria. This is obviously because i became older and more mature.
..Asides music I really love making and playing football and basketball, video games and Urm... Girls really lol. I'd like to think of myself as a chilled friendly guy.

Do you have any mentors as per music?
And who?

..Mentors or idols. Well mentors I'm really looking up to just Sute in rap. For now he's the only one. As for idols. Kendrick, Drake,  Jay-z and my all time favorite legend, Biggie. 

..I listen to these guys because they are on top of their game and they speak the truth in flows and delivery. I really base my rap on what they do as they set guidelines for me. 

..Sute as a mentor really is because he's the closest rap artist I've been with in Nigeria. He's also very good and I look up to him for good hip hop knowledge and direction.

Do you have singles out?

..Yeah. I have an old mixtape out since 2012. But my most relevant singles are better in production and lyricism due to growth. Songs like "None Talk ft Duzzy. "Ise Yen" Ft Charles. "Drop it" ft Nastee and my latest " Ghost " which has Sute and David on it. 

 That's awesome!
Have you had any stage performances?

..Yeah quite a number. Sabali 2013. Dmg Carnival. Tc's show back in summer last year and Teens Choice Awards 2014. 
..They were all mad and full of fun experiences. 

Do you get nervous before a performance?

..Not really I'm usually all super hyped up. It's just where I mentally place myself before the performance that matters. 

 So how do you get publicity for your projects(music)? 

..Well actually, when i started it was just twitter with my guys, Then when i got better it was easier because the music became something they would anticipate and made it more trill for me to release. I
used to just go around dm'ing people to listen but now I do it less often. There are now more blog connections like Jaguda and mp3naija that appreciate my music and hold me down when i have released, Plus the radio. The radio is very important and that's one thing new artists shouldn't fail ti remember. I get out music there like wildfires. Twitter is just a box. Lol

Do you have anything coming soon?

..Yeah more songs coming and hopefully before summer my second mixtape. "The New East"

What's your main goal as per  music, and what's your driving force?
..My main goal is to show myself that I can be what I want and be successful at anything I want. The driving force is just simply the love I have for rap,hip-hop and music as a whole, really. Getting my sounds out there and people telling me I'm good is one blessing but getting a steady recognition from a whole nation and being consistently successful at it is a whole thing aside. 

In the next few years, where do you see yourself?

..I would also love to see myself not only recognised in Nigeria but abroad, going for international
gigs such as Coachella etc.
..Because the music i'm making, I feel is way up and doesn't have to be caged only within Nigeria's Industry.

What emotion dominates your music in general? Joy, hope, passion and why?

..Many emotions run through. I'd say really joy and passion. Because doing music isn't as easy as people think it is. 

 So do you have anything you want to tell any up and coming artist?

...yeah.Believe in yourself, and be original. Never base your music and time to gell
..Never base your music off wrong influences and in time if there's patience everything will work fine.

Your Social Handles...

..Twitter and IG are @zilla__zilla. 

 Checkout my Soundcloud !!! 🙏

Do you have any direct links to some of your songs?

..Yeah, "Ghost" PLAY

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