Friday, 26 June 2015


 We caught up with the Nigerian King of talk Sir Adams as popularly known in Abuja and got to talk to him about his business, lifestyle and every other thing you Abuja teens need to know about the man who we cant do a day without seeing or hearing his voice on our television screen.

Vj Adams is a man of many words if we are to describe him working round the clock daily you think his a machine, training himself to be an excellent and outstanding entertainment and media personality........ A fine gentleman he turned out to be with his unique look, his also one very fashionable fellow and as an entrepreneur launched his clothing line june1 of 2015  "EM BRUTO DENIM".

 His our special edition guest for the month of June, find out why and get to know more about him and abit about the entertainment sector for those of you who would want to venture to that field........ Don't forget LAVISH is just in a months time and Sir Adams might be joining us at the Red carpet.....

Ibrahim Adebola Adams.

What name do people know u with?

Please tell us  a bit about yourself?
What you wanna know!! Last of five kids, am just a guy chasing my dreams and getting paid to do what you love is the most important.

What State are you from?
Ogun state.

Languages you speak?
Yoruba and English, hoping to learn French.

What do you love about being a Nigerian?
Everything the people, the food, the hospitality, the originality, the drive from the people.

How do you hangout?
I most times just stay in my house and playing video games.

Best food?
Perhaps indomie, cause that's the only thing I can eat when am ill.

What's your ideal woman like?
I don't know really, knowing fully well that I grew up with 3 sisters so basically a lady with a good sense of humor and smart too.

Who's your role model?
Ryan seacrest, Sean diddy combs.

If you where to be anywhere in the world Right now where would you be?
No where else, I like where I am in Nigeria, but maybe Mecca am a Muslim I did like to go do hajj.

 How a typical workday like for you?
It's crazy Mehn, I work morning till morning, back and fort, recording at the studio all night, so my day starts and ends when I eventually sleep.

How do you make your money?
I am paid to talk, am a host, Musician ,MC and a whole lot.

Plans for the future?
There's an album coming up, mixtape coming up too, celebrity VJ chart, There's a lot things would be unfolding soon but am working on a lot at the moment.

What's your most valuable possession?
My Voice

What's your style of music?
My style of music depends on my mood and how am inspired when I work at the studio knowing that I love music, am diverse with my music know that my last song was Fuji, the one before that Afro pop and my first song was hip hop.

Seems your the CEO of your label?

You haven't signed anyone yet?
No but, perhaps am working on something some guys I have worked with in the studio that are talented I might give them a shot.

You getting to this stage/level in life how has it been?
It's been a blessing everything I have experienced help fashion me to the person I am now, I don't take that for granted.

Is there anything you wanna try that you haven't done yet?
Yes I still wanna Act.

Contacts ( Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat)?
Twitter @iamvjadams
Instagram @iamvjadams.


  1. Adams oooooooooosheyyyy mehn

  2. Adams Ooooooosheyy mehnnnn

  3. MELO MELO MELO are we seeing you this summer in THE CITY CAPITAL ...LAVISH'15 !!!!!