Saturday, 6 June 2015


There are countless talented make up artist but very few who posses the entrepreneurial skill required to take their talent to the next level TIARA WADA has proved to be one of those few.

Make up is truly an Art, and it might be true that beauty just doesn't depend on the outside, when you have gorgeous make up, I think several ladies would agree with us that the glow extends to your inside and you become more beautiful on the inside Lol..... The amazing transformation some ladies go through after a make up session shows the art part of the make up world and this days more movie makers use make up to transform their actors and characters.

Notice that both names "MAKE UP" and "MONEY" both start with "M" you can make tons of cash for yourself as a make up artist, you just need the skills and talent to transform a plain face to that of a princess......... Make up artist is a very lucrative venture and a big business in Nigeria and grows as you expand your brand, your consumers are mainly individuals, wedding bridals, award night etc.
all said once again meet miss Tiara Wada get to see some of her works and get to know about being a make up artist.

Tiara Wada

What do your friends call you?
Tiara mostly

Tell us about yourself, background, education,co-curricular activities, family etc?
Well generally I'm very quite or boring person until you get to know me I'm from kogi state with an Igbo mother I was born on the 7th of March 2000 I've been told I'm mad 😄 and I know I am. I play golf run track and used to play football. I'm usually at home but this summer will be different. I don't know that many people. I went funtaj primary then went to capital science then to the regent secondary. I could say I came from a good background with a lot of crazy people

Age ?

Schools attended 2 to 3.?
Capital science academy and The Regent Secondary

Countries visited?
South Africa, UAE, USA, England, Scotland, Germany, Wales, France, Ethiopia, Spain.

Most valuable item?
A Michael kors watch

What is it that makes you love being a Nigerian?
Well Nigeria is a really diverse country with so many different characters which is why it interesting to be around Nigerians also our foods amazing

Whose your role Model?
My mother

What's your dress sense like?
I don't have a particular dress sense, I just wear whatever I feel comfortable and confident wearing

Describe a typical workday for you?
It would involve me getting supplies that I might not have for example false lashes or baby wipes etc. then arranging my makeup box to make sure every thing is in order then go to the clients house and get their makeup done then stay till their done dressing up in case they have a problem with their makeup.

Why did you choose to do make up?
Makeup is something that affects people( mostly females) in their every day lives and I thought it would be nice to explore it. Proper application of makeup can boost the confidence of some individuals which I find nice. Finally makeup is a form of art which allows you to play around with colors on the face and sometimes parts of the body, also it allows you to be creative.

What's the biggest challenge  makeup artists face ?
I probably that most people don't want to patronize the new or upcoming makeup artists and would rather go to well known brands

How do you prepare dry and oily skin for foundation makeup application?
Dry Skin: after cleaning the face I would apply a light moisturizer to prevent the skin from being to dry and flaked they I would use an oily foundation and finish with a light powder
Oily Skin: after cleaning the face I wouldn't apply anything to avoid  extra oil on the persons face then I would apply primer and a matte foundation and then powder

How often do you clean your makeup tools?
It usually depends on how often I use them but i try to clean them at the end of every week

What other experience have you learnt as an upcoming makeup artist?
I can't say I've gained any other experience except learning to be more tolerant, patient and persistent

How do you start a makeup routine on someone?
I would clean their face with wipes then move on to apply primer if needed then start on the persons eyebrows. Once I'm done I start with their eyes and then move onto foundation application after which I do their lips and finally apply powder and blush (if needed)

Do you have a team or people you work with?
I work alone for now

Favorite artist?
I can't say I have one

What's the last movie you saw?
Into the woods

What part of what you do, do you find challenging?
I guess that would be that I'm pessimistic but I try to see the best in things now

What's next for you?
I'm going to continue with school and hopefully do another makeup course to improve myself.

What would you like to tell people that also what to go into makeup business?
Just get a good foundation, be creative and have fun with it

Contacts(Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat, email)?
Twitter: tiarawada
Instagram: _tiarawada
Snapchat: tiara_wada


  1. very inspiring,pls wat make up school did u attend

  2. tiara am so proud of u dear

  3. hmmm every lady is into make up this days

  4. Everything she touches is beautiful...Whether its someone's face or someone's heart. Proud of U Tiara

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