Saturday, 13 June 2015


She's got style, she' Beautiful, smart and a lot more.She one with ambition and everyone love a girl with ambition. Ladies and Gentlemen meet our Face of the Week and view some of her photos below.

What is your name?
Evangeline Chisom Obianozie

Tell us about yourself, education, extra- curricular activities?
I'm halfcast - Nigerian(Igbo) Swedish.  I'm a down to earth person. I'm in Baze University  level 300 studying business admin, am 18 yrs old 

Wow my hobbies hahaha I have a lot but I love traveling, dancing, singing, swimming, hangout with friends, shopping, parting, going out and a lot more 

Whats your definition of beauty?
my definition of beauty - "beauty is not in the face, beauty is with in the heart" 

Some mistake beauty for having a pretty face.
Do you think this is a disadvantage?
No I don't think it's a disadvantage because you get a lot of opportunities in the world. 

Can you share with us a personal beauty tip?
Personal beauty tip-  you should have good posture and you should always look natural because guys love girls that are natural not fake like relaxing hair, fake eye lashes, and some more. 

What kind of music do you enjoy?
I listen to all kind of music but I hate Oprah.

Favorite dish?
My favorite dish is Lasagna 

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go to?
I would travel to China

Favorite artist?
Usher Raymond 

Celeb crush?
Nick Jonas 

What's your definition of an ideal African woman?
You should not care about what other people think, she needs to stands up tall, hardworking, focus on your goals, educated, be straight forward and to be a down to earth person.

If you won a million dollars , what will you do with it?
If I won a million dollars wow i will use it to help the poor, have a better life, and I will help Nigeria kids to have a better access to education

What do you aspire to be?
I aspire to be a very successful business woman 

SNAPCHAT- evaobian

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