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Sketch artists specialize in being able to look at a subject and draw as near as possible a replica of it on paper, using pencils, charcoal, or another medium. You will find sketch artists employed in a variety of areas in the workforce. 

With the right talent, creativity, and dedication, a sketch artist can be employed in a variety of areas in the workforce, some of which may surprise you. If you'd like to pursue studies in drawing and find a job where you'd utilize your aability to craft sketches, keep reading for more information. Schools offering Art degrees can also be found in these popular choices. 

At fairs, you may see them drawing caricatures. If you have ever watched a court show on television, you might have seen an artist in the courtroom, drawing pictures of the jury, the judge, and the witnesses on the stand. You can find the work of sketch artists in newspapers. 

This occupation pre-dates the existence of the camera and was used to convey important events, like the Civil War. As a sketch artist  working for a newspaper, you'll be sent to events or locations to capture stories visually for readers. You might lend your skills to other forms of print media, like books, providing sketch art illustrations for story enhancement. 

Sketch artists are also employed by police departments and forensic science professionals. Your duties might involve visiting crime scenes and drawing pictures of the surroundings and the victims. You might also construct a drawing of a face by speaking with witnesses and  friends and asking them to describe a person's features. Additionally, you might work with anthropologists to solve demographic questions. For this niche field, you'll need to understand 

We are thrilled to be able to share this interview with you.  Cookey is such an amazing artist. When he draws, he captures the character of his subjects capturing every single detail in the face so we know them even more thoroughly. Seeing his works you will have no option than to love it!  Now he is going to show us all how and why he does his sketches. 

What are your names? 
My name is Ibim Cookey 

Tell us about yourself, background, education,co-curricular activities, family etc? 
I'm a hyper realistic pencil artist. I hail from Rivers State. I love football, social networking and games 

How long have you been sketching? 
I have been sketching since my childhood but I started detailed drawing in December 201

Why do you sketch? 
draw and sketch because its a way through which I express myself, its a talent I have so why keep it inside. 

When did you start sketching? 
I believe we all have a talent that should be exploited 

Where do you draw inspiration from? 
I draw inspiration from anything but mostly my fans and people who actually comment that they love my drawings.When someone comments on your work, it inspires you to draw more 

What is your favourite subject and why? 
My favorite subject is portraiture or human face or human figure as it maybe, I believe that their are so many things in the human face which we don't actually see in pictures and people who draw with pencil avoid it because they don't really have the time and material to execute such detail, I love bringing out the detail in the face to show how complex different part of the face are organized. 

Is drawing people a challenge? How did you learn to draw figures? 
First of all I had these habit of draw myself while in front of the mirror or most time I beg my younger brother to model for me while I draw, I draw randomly in class or when my brother is concentrated on a game, gradually I became very good at it 

When you are sketching people, how do you deal with the fact that they are always moving? 
When I sketch people how I deal with the fact that they always move is by using the previous view to continue the present work, an example is if am drawing the nose and the person moves or is not steady, I will continue drawing the nose in respect to the former position or if am drawing the eyes and he closes it, shakes or blinks I draw the next eye from the previous one I have already draw

Do you ever sketch from photos? 
Yes I sketch from photos to be Frank, it makes work much easier 


Do you have a favorite sketching medium? 
No I don't have a favorite sketching method 
I just sketch the way I see things, straight up. 

Do your parents support what you do?

Not just my parents, my whole family support me.

Can people buy your art and if so, where? 
Formally I only sell my arts on exhibitions but presently my management is working hard to make my fan have access to my work here in Nigeria 
I sold some few weeks ago in South Africa 

Who is your mentor?
Kelvin Okafor, a Nigerian born Nottingham based pencil artist, he's works are so hyper realistic that he is rated as the best pencil artist in the planet.


Where do you see yourself in the future? 
When I was younger I had a dream that when I get to 19 I will be on wiki, and now God is elevating my art. 
I see myself breaking boundries and being a great artist. I see myself at a stage where when hyper realistic pencil drawing are Googled, the name Ibim Cookey will come out. I see myself being one of the best pencil artist the world will ever know. 

What are your top 3 tips for readers who are interested in  sketch
My 3 tip to potential artist out their are 
Believe in yourself 
Don't hate other people's work instead let it inspire you and grow from it 
The last is hard work and keep practicing to grow better. 

Closing statement? 
My final note is believe in yourself and do what you do 
Believe that every constructed criticism should be tackled and not seen as any form of hatred. 
Finally I want to thank my Family, Friends and Fans to supporting me, God bless you all. 

You can contact my management for my work or if you want me to work with you 

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09022502665 intagram and Twitter @fortuneokwu 

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