Friday, 29 January 2016



 Goodday our Abjrichteens readers sorry we took such a Long break, but your favorite teens blog is back we have also Rebranded the brand to give you our viewers the best as far as entertainment, achievements and lifestyle is consigned this year is packed for us as a brand and you the viewers are not left out we have some of the best interviews you would ever see on any blog here this year and also two world class Events and a surprise announcement for the LADIES this March, all you need do it keep on keeping up with us not to miss out on all this for this year.  
 With that aside we changed from face of the week to now face of the month due to popular demand for it.............. so the team can take its time to select and review all those who opted for the spot in a month....................... Meet miss miracle or beejay as her close friends call her whos our ABJRICHTEENSFOTM  for the month of January, get to read her exciting interview and get to know her better and learn a few of her beauty tips..