Saturday, 31 January 2015

12 types of Social Media Personalities

 Everyone reading this has a relationship with social media – whether it’s healthy, obsessive, or estranged.

These relationships inform a particular social media personality.

According to a survey by a UK based online bank (yes there is something called an online bank), there are 12 social media personalities, ranging from “ultras to virgins.” The ultras for instance, are deeply infatuated with sites like Twitter and Facebook.

“They are fanatically obsessed with Facebook or Twitter,” the study said. “They have Smartphone apps and check their feeds dozens of times a day – even when pre-occupied.”

But don’t worry about fitting perfectly into one category. You’re probably a combination of several personalities.


Finishing  high school and potentially going to the university, starting a career, trying to decide what you really want to do with your life, buying a home, setting up a business, getting married, and even possibly having kids are all things that go through the mind of a progressing teenager or young adult.

In this busy time of transition and change, it can be hard to give your finances the attention it needs. Today we are sharing the top financial moves for teenagers and young adults.


Leggo !!



Ladies  and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you our 2nd ABJRICHTEENS FACE OF THE WEEK, the beautiful Miss Hanna Mahamad Hawili. She doesn't just possess the highest level of physical attraction but also has that beauty that glows from the inside. Some say she looks like a princess from a fairytale story and we can all agree with that. She is a true definition of beauty from her smile when she wakes up to how she pours out her make up. See more photos of her below


Nelson is one of those people that truly understand showbiz. Now some people just know how to organize and do shows but fail to get the whole idea or the business part of it. While some end up drinking massive garri after they finish organizing an event due to their loss and they never realized any money or profit out of it. Instead they sink in their last kobo into the event.Well as for Nelson it would interest you to know that this young man makes his money already even before the shows or events he organizes starts. In Nigeria they put it this way" him don already make him money even before the show start" Now just so you know a lot goes into packaging

Sunday, 25 January 2015


 Today’s feature as the FIRST ABJRICHTEENS FACE OF THE WEEK is a model and beauty queen. We introduce to you Miss Olivia Ogochukwu Mojekwu. She’s beautiful, she’s elegant and her face reminds you of a popular female celebrity. She knows how to dress her body to look beautiful. She is quite simple in her dressing


Miss Fatima Mohammed is one RichTeen who is able to manage both family business and personal business at the same time. Starting with family business her Aunty owns one of what people call the biggest bakery and restaurant in Abuja Town, most of you Abuja residents must have visited this place located at the Maitama district Called KIMS FRENCH BAKERY AND RESTAURANT, the bakery / restaurant is known for delivering the best customer services to it's customers and also the best in snacks and quality Food....... The saying "Rome was not built in a day" applies in this case for during the holidays Fatima spends most times at KIMS putting things in order helping out in areas where needed especially when her Aunty is out of town. We could also say her little contribution is part of what made KIMS bakery and restaurant what it is today, and she also makes a good pay from it.

Saturday, 17 January 2015


After his recent relocation from FCT to the commercial city of Nigeria Lagos, fast growing Nigerian Afro-beat artiste Muk-J who is gearing up to shoot and release his official single plus video decided to trail his fans in Abuja with the event theme '' WHO IS MUK-J ''. The unsigned artiste  has been working with a team tag @PROJECTMUKJ1 together to showcase his musical talent to Africa and the world.
                                 See MUK-J Official Twitter handle. @mukj_famous.


When you hear the name Arafat Bage three (3) things that comes to your mind are
Well Respected
Well known
Well Connected
These are some of the many qualities and more that Mr Arafat is known for. For us here at Abjrichteens we would say most of this started in the year 2008 when him and 4-5 young guys decided to form
what seems like a world power of all the Entertainment bodies in Abuja today called F.B.S.


Chidera Onumaegbu popularly called by her friends "Chidexy" she's one of those people who knew and discovered their talent and what they had passion for at an early stage in life, she's one of many few 16 year old that's not just a CEO but actually started making money at an early stage in her life with her company analso being part of a MSFT Official has given her the opportunity to mix with the fashion world outside Nigeria

Saturday, 10 January 2015


If you haven't noticed there’s been a rise in number of people who are setting up one-man or one-woman businesses and making money working for themselves.

If you are someone who wants to turn your skills into money working for yourself this should be music to your ears. Despite the discouraging things many unhappy employees might say to those who have a desire to work for themselves, it can be done by others like you.

Friday, 9 January 2015


Muhammed Umar is one of Abuja's finest teenagers you could ever meet or hang out with. He hails from the Northern part of Nigeria and spends his time in Nigeria routing around Abuja - Kano state, and when he is not in Nigeria for either business or school he is known to be engaging in some very resourceful activities.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I was talking to a friend at work last Friday about what he did for the Fourth of July. He went on to tell me about going to a friend’s parent’s house for a pool party. He said their house was amazing. I immediately asked what his parents did for a living or how they made their money.
For most of my life I have been very interested in how people build and attain wealth. As a child I noticed

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

How to Get Rich: Side Hustles and Startups

Want to know the secret to getting rich? Simple: side hustles and startups.

There are many reasons why side hustles and startups offer people the best chance at being rich. For one, most people are content being employees or working their way up the corporate ladder. That limits your competition.