Its our pleasure to bring to you this face of the month segment with our smash box office beauty!! miss ELLA ADEYINKA, her beauty sparks up the place making people want to get to know her......... well for some of you we have made it possible to get to know aliitle bit more about this princess, also see more beauty pictures of her never seen anywhere else.
grab a popcorn!!!! cause this our FOTM interview is worth reading, if you need her number afterwards just leave your comments below and the tooth fairy would send it to you..XOXO HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND.

Please introduce yourself ..
Hey hey Abj rich teens, So my full name is Adeyinka Ifeoluwa Nathanaella but just call me Ellah.🙂 I graduated from Cherryfield College. I’m mixed race, my mum is Russian,dad is yoruba, from Osun state. I am 16 years old(practically)🙂

Where do you school and what do you study?
I’m currently in Caleb University, Lagos. And I’m studying Political science.

What's your definition of an idea African Lady?
An African lady is an epitome of strength, beauty,loyalty, and bravery.  

How do you define Beauty?
For me beauty is from the inside lol, beauty to me is you having a 100% attitude of who you are, being strong, being noble, being yourself, that’s beauty.

On a Scale of 1-10 how would you rate your beauty?
Lemme not comman brag here lmao, but let me give my self a 7.5 lol, im not perfect, no one is.

What's an interesting thing about you that we wouldn't learn from just a first meeting ?
I am actually very nice and good at giving advice. When you see me you’ll think I’m just a cute small girl with nothing minus face, but I’m honestly very nice and I stand by people when they need me.

If you were to create a show of your own (something like big brother) what would you change/ add ?
To creat a show? Hmm I’m very lazy, but I wouldn’t organize something like big brother, I’m more of a talk show  person, talk about life unno, what were avoiding, how to appreciate yourself, a lot of things really lmao, but yeah that’s it.

Please share some of your beauty tips with Us?
Eat food and be happy. Please smile always, let them know they can never ever bring you down.

When is your birthday month?
March(Aries baby)

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?
I resumed school and they legit seized all my skirts saying they were short, you know when you’re vexed you’re just meant laugh, what was funny was how my sister came and was shouting and she forced me to come to the university lmao. Yup.

Future Ambition? 
I want to be a politician but then after this I plan on getting a second degree in criminal law, I want to be the owner of my own first and private investigation thingy here in Nigeria. Not police oh, like I’ll be a CAI agent😂

What's a must have item you'd advise people to have?
A phone, a heart, a sexy attitude, and a friend. Oh and food.

Are you single?
 No I’m not.

Tell us to steps to preparing your Favorite meal?
I eat anything but you see JOLLOF RICE IS MADD people make it how they want, don’t worry when I create my vlog(please wait on it) y’all will see me in action init😂😂

Contacts ( facebook, twitter, 2go, hi5, myspace, snapchat)?
Twitter; Russian_Ellah
Instagram; __Ellah.Ellah
Snapchat; Bae_angie22

Bye guys xx