Sunday, 29 January 2017


 Its is true that this days all the ladies wanna become make up artist well we wouldn't blame them knowing that the beauty industry has turned to a muti billion Naira sector in Nigeria alone with foreigner investing grossly into the market with their different skincare product, aimed at making this women look so beautiful almost like angels.
so lets move over to why we are here today...... we have one beautiful make up artist interview for today to end your lovely weekend and YES shes our very own Abuja resident. For alot of AFE BABS students the brand {glitzbyibkay} wouldn't be a new name to them for within a short time her services have taken her places and yes shes a constant cashout queen every occasion just get her smiling to the bank afterwards..... get to meet and learn a few from this lady and have a wonderful week ahead. cheers

Sunday, 22 January 2017


Meet beautiful dark skinned dola as her close friends call her, a lady of strong will one can confidently say shes one of many people who set their minds on a project and makes sure its carried out in an orderly and well arranged manner making her clients hooked on her and her services........
lets not spill it all but give her the chance to tell us about herself and her business, enjoy her interview below... cheers

Sunday, 15 January 2017


With much Joy we are back after the december holidays and we welcome you all into this new year, this year is packed with lots of mind blowing interviews, also we would also be showcasing more hot and stunning faces of the month.
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We present our first face of the month for the year 2017, and the month of January miss juliet peter get to know more about her and see never before pictures of her.