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When you hear the name Arafat Bage three (3) things that comes to your mind are
Well Respected
Well known
Well Connected
These are some of the many qualities and more that Mr Arafat is known for. For us here at Abjrichteens we would say most of this started in the year 2008 when him and 4-5 young guys decided to form
what seems like a world power of all the Entertainment bodies in Abuja today called F.B.S.

F.B.S should also be called rich gang because the people that make up the group are serious heavy weights when it comes to riches. One of the things that made them all stand out was the fact that they all stayed in Abuja but schooled outside Nigeria. It was once rumored that the late president Yar Adua's son was part of this group of gentlemen further more to add to there success as a team they are the only group to have an artist amongst them"TC" TC who is also a talented and well known act among teenagers and beyond.

F.B.S are also known for the rave parties they organize all around the world , and when it's going down in Abuja their party is more like a gathering of rich Abuja people. No one misses an F.B.S party if they are in Abuja, apart from the lavish parties, they also organize one of the best soccer tournaments "OLE" which cash is given to the winning team, with TC always dropping his hits upon hits making good music which made him do a concert last year 2014 with lots of people in attendance.

Arafat is one handsome dude who doesn't like to show off and he isalso very calculative and one of the best event planners, surely 2015 is looking good for the F.B.S Empire as they give Abuja the best as far as entertainment is considered.

Arafat Bage


Age ?
That's personal

Football ,TV shows, Current Affairs

Educational Qualification?

Schools Attended?
Regent High school
NTIC Abuja
David Games College
Aston University

Can Money buy Happiness ?
Nope but would go a long way

Countries Visited?
France, Dubai, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Germany ,India ,Bangladesh, Ghana, Thailand, Turkey,London.

Relationship status?
Lool, fashi that one

Languages you speak?
English , Hausa

Most valuable item?
My Watch

Best Quote??
We have one life,it soon will be past what we do for God is all that that will Last.  -Muhammed Ali

What's your dress sense like?
Simple and clean

Fame or Money?

Favourite pet?

What's your Ideal Woman like?
Beautiful lady with good personality.

Whose your mentor?
Don't have any specific one,I pick different Traits from a lot of People.

What's the change needed in Nigeria?

What drives you to be Successful ?
I want to make my parents happy.

Future Ambition?

Do you parents support what you do?
Yes they do.

What do you drive.
Any car I get my hands on.

Does being rich have any disadvantages?
I wouldn't know I am quite content and grateful to God.

Tell us about FBS?
FBS would continue to provide our best entertainment services we are working on a lot of new things for the future. Its going to be a surprise but you guys (RichTeens) would be first to know.

Contact (IG, Facebook, snapchat,twitter)personal
IG - Bagechukwu
Facebook Arafat Bage

Vote of thanks to abjrichteens?
It's always lovely to see teenagers starting up a positive movement as a side activity hard work put in by Abjrichteens organization is commendable and I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors.

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