Friday, 6 February 2015


We all know that saying daddy's little girl! Well Miss Beverly Nkowacha has grown from daddy's little girl to actually be more like daddy's personal business assistant (PA), what many dont know about her is that she hardly has time to hangout during the holidays because of the demands of being the first born in the family, she's mostly out with her dad holding meetings and attending business dinners.

Working for your father, you can say is one of the most resourceful things to do because in between working hours it brings you closer to the parent, especially these days our parents are always busy with work and come back late there hardly have time to reach out to their kids, but in Beverly's case it pays off as the father and daughter relationship has tripled. It also exposes the person to a whole lot of things and it's also a road you can take to becoming an independent adult. Some of the benefits is also getting to meet lots of influential people and business partners and most times if the parent is not around the teens can act in their place.

Miss Beverly is one lucky and highly connected teen she has been seated amongst  top people in the country including Governors, Top Businessmen and women all thanks to her dad and they all know and love this beautiful 18 year old lady, with her current mindset she's surely on her way to riches at a young age.

And they say "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy" when it's time to loosen up and have fun the two words you hear from her are "OSHE" and "TURNUP".


Beverly smith



Age ?


What state are you from?

Anambra state


Dancing, shopping and having fun.

Educational Qualification?


Schools Attended?

Pace setters

Did you grow up wealthy?


Can money buy happiness?


Countries Visited?
UK and Dubai

Relationship status?


How do you hangout?

Just go out with friends and have a good time.

Who's your mentor?

My Dad

What's your ideal man like?

He has to be funny he should know how to dress and he should be dark.

Favorite pet?


Money or fame?


What's the change needed in Nigeria?

To decrease the prizes of items.

What should the Govt. do to encourage youths?

By reducing the number of years in school....Lol

What don't people know about you?

I bite my nails

Languages you speak?

English, Igbo

Most valuable item?

My shoes

Best Quote??

"Live life to the Fullest"

What's your dress sense like?

Retro and chic.

What drives you to be Successful? 

Well I never want to be Poor.

How do you make you Money?

I Work for My Dad (boss)

Future ambition?

To be a mechanical engineer

What's your Highest Earning?

Well I get paid salary monthly thats all.

Contact (IG, Facebook, snapchat,twitter)??

Facebook- Beverly smith

Vote of thanks to abjrichteens?

I Just wanna thank Abjrichteens for interviewing me am truly grateful