Saturday, 21 February 2015


Meet Miss Afrah kachalla who is our face of the week for this week. She is what we can call a perfect blend of what an Afican beauty Queen should look like with her dark skin,attractive eyes and charming smile Afrah would remain beautiful even in her old age..... We had fun with her interview so you all should relax and enjoy her interview don't forget this years Miss Face of Abjrichteens 2015 Contest coming up where one beautiful Teen gets to win a Brand New Toyota Camry.

What's your name?
Afrah Kachalla

What do your friends call you?
They all call me Afrah


I like to dance, and going out with friends all things that involve having fun

Cool, what's noticeable about you?

People usually notice my personality

What,s your favourite color?


In your own words can u define "beauty"?

My definition of beauty in terms of a person, is being pretty on both inside and outside and having a nice personality

What beauty items do you recommend every girl should use?

I recommend that every girl should use like make up that would make them look better but would still keep the natural look
So maybe powder to enhance skin tone and any other thing that goes with the skin colour

Who is your role model?


Celebrity look alike?

Naomi Campbell

Celebrity heartthrob/ crush?

Trey songz

What do you aspire to be?

A fashion designer/model 

Social media handles 

Twitter: @afrah_kachalla
Instagram: afrah_kachalla

Vote of thanks to abjrichteens
Thanks to ABJRICHTEENS for the interview and all

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