Saturday, 14 February 2015


Sir Adesina Adeleke popularly known worldwide as "SINARAMBO" is the perfect example of what hip hop really is and adding a mix of the Nigerian blend balancing it up making Sinarambo one of Africas best act and also internationally too, we first saw him on "OVERSEAS" which was a massive hit worldwide after that he dropped other hit songs like "IJO SINA", "E NO REACH", "WA BA MI LO", among others.

No doubt teens all over love Sir Sinarambo not only his music but him as a person.  From the clean and loveable video he puts up to compliment his songs to his very fashionable taste making him a complete package, and the Abuja Teenagers are no exception for last year 2014 the city of Abuja felt his presence among which was the CSG HKN concert, Nigerian Teens Choice Awards 2014 where he got an award.

Being part of the Rich HKN gang which is one of the best music labels in the country with artist like Davido, B-red and Danagog as part of the people that make up this rich gang under the watch of Chairman HKN. Sinarambo is someone lots of teen rappers look up to and appreciate the new school flows and impact he brings into the music industry and his dedication to his music is seen with the good music he always gives out.

He is one rapper that portrays swag, class and finesse and this has also earned him a good name as he has carved a niche for himself among the A Listers in the multi-billion Naira music industry. The wabamilo crooner spoke to ABJRICHTEENS about his life, career and his music. 



Adesina Adeleke



What state are you from?

Osun State


Im the first child in my family.


Swimming, playing soccer, going to the studio and traveling.

Educational Qualification?


Schools Attended?

Grange Secondary School
Truest Mc Onell College
Georgia Perimeter College

Countries Visited?

So many I can't count..

What's your dress sense like?

Dress comfortably.

Did you grow up wealthy?

Yes I grew up well of

Can money buy happiness?

No forever

How do you hangout?

Same way as my hobbies

Who's your mentor?


What's your ideal woman like?

She has to be smart, beautiful and exposed.

Favorite pet?


Wealth or Fame ?


What's the change needed in Nigeria?

Poverty Eradication and reduced corruption.

What should the Govt do to encourage youths?

Create more jobs after youths graduate.

What don't people know about you?

I am actually a friendly guy

Most valuable item?

My phone and my laptop repping for my music

Best food?


Best Musician?

I really don't have a best musician.

What car do you drive?

Toyota Prado, got a new car coming on the way.

Does being rich have any disadvantages?

Yes it does.

Best Quote??

"If you have faith as small as a muster seed"

What drives you to be successful? 

I would say my family.

How do you make your money?

My shows and events and endorsement.

Tell us a bit about HKN and your personal project you are working on?

HKN is family we all good, and my project am working on my label NBYS (Naija boy with a Yankee Sway).

What's your Highest Earning?

Business is personal.

Contact (IG, Facebook, snapchat, twitter)??

Bookings ----kolotainment (+2348099338391)
Facebook- Sinarambo
IG -sinarambo

Vote of thanks to abjrichteens?

I really appreciate it God bless you guys, also watch out for my new single HUSTLE.