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Imagine a lady in USA making close to $10,000000 ten million dollars just as a fashion blogger you would get to wonder then how much the actual fashion designers take home yearly. Well outside Nigeria fashion designers are a big deal and this days fashion designers are now widely recognized even in Africa and are getting global recognition.

The likes of Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Kenneth Cole etc are well known worldwide for their amazing and outstanding designs thank God Africans are not left behind and in our own capital city in Nigeria we have a young lady miss Ruth Ernest who's on the rise to greatness and we introduce you all to her on this segment.

Ruth Ernest actually started off being a very stylish lady always looking her best even at a young age of about 14 always picking the perfect dresses and matching outfits,moving from there she decided to create her own style, had everything all in her head she then decided to put them into drawings as she could visualise them in her head putting them on paper, from there everything shifted to a whole different level. From paper work to actually making the dresses in real life, which for her is gradually becoming a huge Success apart from the fact that she might be one of Africa's youngest designers.

Miss ruthee has being involued in most fashion events and shows where she showcases her designs to the world, Just so you know being a fashion designer is different from having a clothing line can  own a Line that you don't design your stuff yourself and you can both be a designer and own your own line where u show your stuffs or different designs. Take for example Kanye west designs for Addidas but doesn't make him the owner of addias that's why designers and fashion designers are very much sought after and earn big.

Do not miss this years Miss Face of Abjrichteens 2015 where miss ruth earnest would be showing us some of her lovely collections, we would be excepting a line from her Soon as she is making plans for all that with a brand name she calls "IVY" but before then you all can hit her up to make you something good, already she has some drawing for new outfits that when she's done with them would blow your mind.

Ruth Iveren Ernest



What state are you from?
Benue State

I'm the first child in my family.

Swimming, Designing ,drawing, and reading

Educational Qualification?

Schools Attended?
Centagon Intl school
Lead Britsh High school
Titsall Global School

Languages you speak?
French Igbo English and a bit of Hausa.

Countries Visited?
USA, UK ,China ,Ghana,Germany,South Africa ,Ukraine ,Uganda ,Ethiopia and Gambia.

What's your dress sense like?
Vintage and Classy

Did you grow up wealthy?
Yes I Did

Do you think rich people can still have problems?
Yes totally cause money is not everything in life.

Who's your mentor?
Micheal Kors 

What's your ideal man like?
Simple and trustworthy

Favorite pet?

Money or fame ?
Money because fame is like fumes it disappears with time but with money some issues could be solved.

Do you think a lady would rule Nigeria better?
Honestly no,because Nigeria is too vast for a woman to rule.

What should the Govt do to encourage youths?
The govt should try and provide job opportunities or give incentives to the youths by encouraging entrepreneurship they are so many youth who are talented but no capital to start up something.

Do your parents support what you do?
Yes totally I have full support from my parents in what ever I do.

What don't people know about you?
People think I have lots of friends but little do they know that I have few friends and I value them so much.

Most valuable item?
My clothes

Best Musician?
Christina perri

Best Quote??
"Hard work pays so as, Pain is Gain"
Can you Cook?
Yes im really good in the Kitchen

How do you make you Money?
My design I make dresses for people.

Future Ambition?
To be a Top Fashion Designer.

What do you do when you are not working?
Relax at home or I could chill with friends

Tell us a bit about how you started designing clothes??
I always had a passion for designing and I have always loved clothes right from childhood until 2years back when my Aunty saw my designs and commended me for it and asked me to make it out for Her and from there I started and I am still on The Roller Coaster.

What Challenges did you face starting up?
Well I was told by some people that my Designs wouldn't get me any profit and they Always laugh whenever I said I wanted to Be a Fashion Designer, it was discouraging but I didn't let it bring me down. 

What other talent do you have that we don't know??
I sing as well lowkey tho

Where do you See your Career in the Next 10years?
Big time Fashion Designer with various Fashion Houses and Label with the Brand Name "Ivy"

Contact (IG, Facebook, snapchat,twitter)
IG -rutheeernest

Vote of thanks to abjrichteens?
Big thank you to Abjrichteens it's being a wonderful Interview keep doing what you do.


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