Wednesday, 4 February 2015


When you hear the name Iyare Eghiaruwa the only thing that comes to your mind is art not just pictures but something more than that. A bit of the new school touch, mystery, moments and nature are some of the characters that make up the type of photography he does.  Learning photography and being motivated to do more by some of Abuja finest photographers these young man is fast becoming one of Africa's best photographers.

He is one very passionate photographer he can take months or more just to plan for a photo shoot. Iyare who is also going into film making and video directing hopes to change the worlds view of arts and see things differently through his lens, apart from when he is at work or working his someone who is fun to be with he also has his funny side that makes all his clients feel as ease with him around.

When Iyare is not making money or at work he spends his time mostly outdoors with his friends trying to get more ideas in the best landscape pictures to take, please contact Mr Iyare on your next shoot let him come and work his magic on you.

Iyare Eghiaruwa


Age ?

What state are you from?
Edo state

Soccer, Music, Photography

Educational Qualification?

Schools Attended?
Lead city

Did you grow Up wealthy?
Yea I was born wealthy

Can Money buy Happiness?

Countries Visited?
Not going to answer, sorry so many things I don't want to talk about.

Relationship status?

How do you hangout?
Well I chill with my niggas we do things I can't say because I don't know who's gonna be reading this.

Who's your role model?
I have no role model, But I must say the people that have brought me this far in what I do I must call them Bamzy and Co.

What's your ideal woman like?
Responsible, brilliant, beautiful hot chic what more can a nigga ask for?

What do u Drive?
I don't have a car yet man, I love Benz tho

Favorite pet?

Money or fame ?

What's the change needed in Nigeria?
Unity in the nation.

Tell us a bit about your photography?
My photography........ You know that photography is art and art is meant to be beautiful at least it brings out the beauty in things and I'm kinda of weird so I just mix then up. I am just bringing out beauty in things my own way.

What don't people know about you?
I love knifes

Languages you speak?

Most valuable item?
My camera

Best Quote??
"Art is not a Crime"

What's your dress sense like?
I am classic in my dressing, I don't follow trends, I love designer belts.

What drives you to be Successful?
I want to make my own money and my own name.

How do you make you Money?
For now from my photography.

Future Ambition?
Photographer/filmmaker and an economist who knows.

What's your Highest Earning?
That's personal.

Contact (IG, Facebook, snapchat,twitter)??
IG - @iyare_eghiaruwa

Vote of thanks to abjrichteens?
Thanks for the interview abjrichteens  a little touch of inspiration.

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