Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Ladies and gentlemen, our beautiful  and handsome readers. We present to you our face of the week our very own Jennifer Okwudiri Godwin.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder they say but this lady's beauty even a blind man can feel. There's just something striking about Miss Jennifer , looks with a good dress sense to match her looks.

With or without makeup this lady glows even in the dark. ?Her light skinned nature makes her very noticeable in a gathering or meeting. This perfect beauty is a sure candidate for billboards and TV commercials.

She is also an aspiring model and 2015 she is going to be involved in lots of projects. Anyways we have good news from ABJRICHTEENS to all the ladies, summertime we are organizing a MISS FACE OF ABJRICHTEENS 2015. Contest details would come up soon but then meet Miss Jennifer Okwudiri Godwin.

  What are your names?
Jennifer Okwudiri Godwin.

What do your friends call you?

Shopping, hanging out with friends, playing basketball.

What should people notice about you?
My smile, everyone does.

In your own words, make a statement about “beauty”.
Well nowadays people have the wrong mindset about beauty, having a pretty face, but it’s really about having a pretty mind a pretty heart, most importantly a pretty soul.

Do you think being beautiful has its disadvantages?
Yes, partially brings about a lot of judgement and you can’t really be yourself.

What’s your beauty secret?
Well I barely wear makeup except on a special occasion but I use moisturizers and scrubs.

What is your opinion about an “Ideal African Woman”?
A very strong, determined woman, willing to take risks and very sexy as well to say the least.

Celebrity look-alike?
Tonto Dikeh lol

We can see that?

Turn on?
Uhmm!! Good dress sense and funny personality.

Turn off?
Bad breath and body odour.

Celebrity crush?
Trey Songz

Role model?
My mother

What do you aspire to be?
An International Model

Contact( facebook, twitter, IG, Snapchat)
Twitter: big_buddy_judy
IG: bigbuddyjudy
Snapchat: crazy-buddy


  1. she really looks like tonto, beautiful...

  2. I'll give her ten over ten.......

  3. those eyes tho...

  4. Pls what about her number..

  5. You are really beautiful ������

  6. abeg u no try atall

  7. dumbass shes aii u go girl keep slaying shoutout abjrichkids nice one

  8. How amazing ..... Keep stunning