Sunday, 1 March 2015


Blessed Edewor Aka Wondaboy is the man to watch out for as far as the revolution of Nigerian music and music in general.
Perhaps one of Nigeria's young brand artist he has featured in lots of interviews and magazines, an outstanding young talented artist with a lot to offer this generation of people with his sound and music which is generally categorized as AFROBEATS this genre which is largely accepted in this part of the country makes Wondaboy one sort after act within and beyond Africa.

This Nigerian born son is one of those people through his music brings the closeness between the African countries together for he is one of those few people that collaborate more with other African Acts promoting the different African cultural values among African  countries. He did a hit song with Ghanian rapper sarkodie called "BEFORE THEN" and featured in the South African rave group Camp Mulla "OH MY GOD" and other singles including TING and "ON ME"

Ladies and gentlemen we are lucky to have him as our special guest for this edition for the month of February because wondaboy is a good inspiration for a lot of  teens out there trying to do music and reach the heights he has attained so far.  We can start by saying in Abuja we already have some very good upcoming acts the likes of Charles Nkanga, Tay, Zilla, Lady Donli and a whole lot more, we wish them success in their careers..

Starting off first you should know like minds work and go together so as an artist or someone that wants to do music you need to also have musicians as friends, as Iron sharpen Iron so also it helps you to be more focused and keeps the vision alive and Wondaboy has that on check 100/100.

Secondly check your material what are you giving your listeners, what are you sending out your lyrics is it something that wouldn't make our ears stop hearing well??

Thirdly having all the presence online presence, performance, artistic look, and a lot more.  Some people think it's just to sing songs and relax and not push it or the music expecting it to grow wings and get to our ears.

Fourthly have a team or management most people take this for granted in the corporate world it's called branding this is necessary because of promotion you can't do it all on your own the running around and all that it involves some form of labor to getting your songs out there so it doesn't just stay on your phone and only your family members know and have your songs on their phones. Having a team is the easiest way and of less cost just get your friends and you guys push it little by little and before you know it the team becomes bigger and grows.   

Finally all what we just said Wondaboy is a perfect example of all of all of them. His style is excellent and his under one of the best management LNB with Mrs Lilan as his manager. theres a lot to tell you all but we don't have the time on here so you all should look out for our Annual Richteens seminar this summer 2015 where we would expose you to a lot of  secrets.

Before then you all should keep doing what your doing and keep listening to AFROBEATS hit maker Wondaboy songs.


Blessed Edewor




Old enough

What state are you from?

Delta State


Im the first child in my family.


Making music and traveling

Educational Qualification?


Languages you speak?

English and pidgin

What's your dress sense like?

I'm  highly fashionable but still keep it simple, I believe dressing is not about designers but knowing and wearing what looks good on you.

Do your parents support what you do?

At first, no but now they are in full support.

Who's your role Model?

My dad

What's your ideal woman like?

My ideal wan must be beautiful in and out.

Favorite pet?

Don't really have one.

Money or fame ?

Money of course.

What drives you to be Successful?

The way I grew up I wanna change that for my kids and also be the voice for the less privileged.

What should the Govt do to encourage artist like you guys in the industry?

Basically they do what needs to be done to the masses that way it would affect us because without good life for the fans the artist wouldn't get anything.

What don't people know about you?

I and lil Wayne share the same birthdays dates LOL.....I would say a lot am a bit laid back but on stage it's different I go crazy.

Most valuable item?

My hard drive

Best Musician?

I have a lot so it would be hard to pick.

Best Quote??

"Never stop believing in yourself"

Can you Cook?

I can cook for myself and I

Can money change people?

Change is a Constant thing I say.

What's the change needed in Nigeria?

Change has to start with us the masses learn to do the right thing the right way.

What other skills do you have that we don't know?

Im an incredible footballer and also I can make toy cars.

What does most of your money go on?

Well I do a lot of savings and also business I can't say here, but trust me it's legitimate.

Tell us a bit about your music?

Well I would say I make great music, I mix it with Afrobeats I also have a new song coming out this month titled GRACE  on the lookout for it.

How do you make your money?

I make my money through my music.

What should we expect from you this year?

A lot of great music and videos.

What makes what you do different from others?

My melodies and then my voice.

Do you do any charitable works or giving?

What you do for people is between you and God so I can't be saying it here.

What do you do when youre not working?

Read and listen to music

Where do you see your Career in the next 10years?

I see myself as a legend.

Contact (IG, Facebook, snapchat,twitter)

IG -realwondaboy
Fanpage- wondaboy

Vote of thanks to abjrichteens ?

Thank you so much for the opportunity to feature on here I am grateful and huge Shoutout to LNB Boss Lilian.