Friday, 28 April 2017


Over the course of time beauty has been transformed to have different meanings. It comes from art from music something even simple as the wind blowing the sea.
 This one person is a definition all on her own. It's like the word was made specifically just for her. And don't get me wrong her face is one that can rival any goddess but it's her smile, her heart and her allure that truly captures your soul. She's bright and funny and I have to say it again Beautiful both in and out.
But all this is just talk, don't take my word for it yet come meet her in this interview as our face of the month.

Chioma N Eze


Current institution?
Baze University, Abuja

whats your definition of an ideal African lady?
Culture makes things difficult because there is an archetype of who “the African Woman” is. People would describe her as maternal, strong, patient, traditional, long-suffering, soulful and protective. Her life is not her own, it belongs to her family and community.
So you ask , what's my definition of an ideal African lady ?  my definition of an ideal African lady is whoever and whatever she wants to be and can be that.

How do you define Beauty?
There are two kinds of beauty; inner & outer beauty. Outer is appearance! Being beautiful is having confidence in yourself and appreciating your natural self.

On a Scale of 1-10 how would you rate yourself?
On a scale of 1 - 10 - I'm either a 7 or 8.

What's an interesting fact bout you that we wouldn't learn from just a first meeting ?
I might come off as bitchy and self centered but i actually do care and you are soft and emotional

If you create a reality show like Big Brother what would you add or remove?
you would ass well known people with interesting backgrounds and fun character 
Subtract: from the reality show - fake people and uncivilized , uneducated people with bad English

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you in recent times? 
nothing really funny has happened now

 Must have item I would advise people to have?
 Err, I would say perfume

Are you single?  
Wouldn't want to talk about that 

How do you usually like to spend your time or probably someone particular?
well, i love hanging out with my friends, and I'd rather just be with my phone. Not the type to read books or watch movies.

What's the few things you want to change with your Generation?
 it depends on you , it could be to change the imagination that people that are not virgins are bad and rotten people or cultural appreciation or natural  beauty or the opinion on girls wearing makeup

What is #STP?
Stone Temple Pilots, a great band or Secret Tweaker Pad, from the Sublime song, S.T.P. It's a place where one can chill and do drugs and hide out after committing a crime. ( I don't really know ooo I'm not so good with acronyms like this one )

Social media handles so people could reach you?
Twitter : chioma__e 
IG : Chioma.ig 
SC: chioma_e