Friday, 13 May 2016


 its our pleasure to bring to you this face of the month segment with our smash box office beauty!! miss maimuna sidiham, her beauty sparks up the place making people want to get to know her.........well for some of you we have made it possible to get to know aliitle bit more about this princess, and get all the information you need to know, also see more beauty pictures of her never seen anywhere else.
grab a popcorn!!!! cause this our FOTM interview is worth reading, if you need her number afterwards just leave your comments below and the tooth fairy would send it to you..XOXO HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND.  
Maimuna sidiham.

Tell us abit about yourself?
 Well I'm 18 years old , about to graduate high school, I love pizza and my Best friend jemimah (she's crazy) , I have 2 elder sisters , I'm the second to the last born , I love the color pink, I can eat practically anything.....that's about it.
What's your definition of beauty?
I feel beauty isn't just about how pretty you are or having a perfect body I think when some one is beautiful the person can have bad hair days and uneven eyebrows but still has the prettiest character and knows that beauty starts from the inside.  
What are some of your personal beauty tips or secrets?
I honestly don't have any special beauty tips just the basics you know , never use too much chemicals on your face , soap and water works good for me.    

I love swimming, reading novels and spending time with friends.
What keeps you Awake at Night?
If I'm awake at night I'm usually texting bae He keeps me awake at night 💕. 

Favorite Tv show?
I love catfish the Tv show.

Best Compliment you Ever Received?
Honestly it has to be "you are beautiful" I mean it beats hearing how sexy you are.

What's your Dress sense like?
My dress sense honestly is just casual , I throw on whatever feels right.

Whose your Role Model and Why?
My sister , she's just an amazing person , I wish to be more like her.

Can Animals commit Suicide?
Animals can't commit suicide.

Rate your Beauty Over 10? 
My beauty on a scale of 1-10, I think I'm a 6!!!   

Are you the shy Type?  
Yes I am sometimes.

What Cheers you Up?
Lol my best friends laugh always cheers me up . 

If you could spend a day with a celebrity who would that Be?
Ah I want to spend the whole day with Zayn Malik . 

Ever been to Jail?
No I have never been to Jail.

What's your Definition of An Ideal African lady?
An ideal African lady is someone who embraces her skin tone, curly hair and her curves.   

It is possible to love Two people at Once?
No I don't think it's possible to love 2 people at once , because if you truly love someone you wouldn't even have the time to entertain someone else.
Contacts (ig, twitter, Facebook, snapchat)?
Ig-maimuna_sidiham Twitter -i_am_maimuna
 snap-maimuna sidiham

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