Saturday, 5 August 2017


Hello our dear readers we are back from our break after our STP party, we present our face of the month for August miss sarah agboola get to read and know more about her in her interview...
be sure to wiah her a happy birthday as this is her birthday month.
Please introduce yourself ..
My name is Sarah Agboola.
Where do you school and what do you study?
I school in Girne American University, and am studying Economics.
What's your definition of an idea African Lady?
Its a girl or woman that values and appreciates the African culture and is proud to be an African.

How do you define Beauty?
Hmmm what a question..well beauty is all about the inner person yeah the face counts but the inner you counts more a beautiful soul character n face makes its all complete but when one is missing then the beauty isnt whole.

What's an interesting thing about you that we wouldn't learn from just a first meeting ?
I love food.
If you were to create a show of your own (something like big brother) what would you change/ add ?
I would add a cooking contest..evry housemate picks a local dish and cooks it the looser is gonna be evicted.
Please share some of your beauty tips with Us?
I dont have beauty tips just care well for ur skin and stay healthy.

We hear this your birthday month how does that make you feel?
Makes me feel
What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?
Running into somone that looks exactly like me and still walking pass the person without saying a word.
What's a must have item you'd advise people to have?
A phone charger.
Are you single?
Am single and married.
Tell us to steps to preparing your Favorite meal?
Buy pepper tomatoes and onions,Buy chicken also. Blend all d pepper tomatoes and onion and boil the chicken and fry.
Then you put an empty dry pot on fire pour oil allow to get hot den por the blended ingridents in it put your seasonings tomatoe paste and allow to fry well then after some minutes you put your fried chicken and allow to steam amd then your chicken stew is done.
You can then boil your white rice and eat with it.
Contacts ( facebook, twitter, 2go, hi5, myspace, snapchat)?
Facebook-sarah agboola

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