Friday, 25 September 2015


I’m sure you have heard the phrase “it isn't what you know, but who you know.” While having a relevant skill set is obviously a necessity in today’s economic environment, it’s also important to know the right people. Networking can help you hear about potential  opportunities, get an “in” at a company you want to work at, or benefit you in a number of other ways. Having someone personally refer you for a job or to provide a service can never hurt. 

Attend Networking Events and Meet-ups 
While attending meetups takes more time and effort than some other networking strategies, you can often make more of an impression when you are meeting people in person versus on-line or through the phone. 

Use Social Media 
Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, IG etc, give us access to network with millions of users online. 

For me, social media is all about potential; you never know who you will meet or who will come across your page. 

We've been importuned to meet a lot of celebrities and prominent people who ended up doing awesome interviews and videos on very short notice for this blog. 

I could go on and on about this topic, but the main point is that connecting with people on a social media platform can be easy; most people who are active on social media are looking to connect with a wide range of people and are very open to networking with others. 

Never Discount Someone’s Network 
One of the biggest mistakes people make is discounting someone’s network. When we meet someone who doesn’t have a prestigious title or seem like they won’t be able to “help you out,” it can be natural to write off their network. This can be a huge mistake. You never know who they know, and you certainly can’t predict who they will connect with in the future. Approach everyone with humility and avoid the habit of only trying to meet those in your career field. 
Networking is certainly not the only way to be patronized, but in some cases it can be the difference between getting a or coming up just short. Beyond that, you never when a friend-of-a-friend is someone who needs your service. Leveraging your network is essential, so make it a priority to build good contacts and above all, have fun meeting others. 
Do you network? How has networking benefited you?


  1. This is really inspiring. Abjrichteens you guys are just too much

  2. This is really inspiring. Abjrichteens you guys are just too much