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We welcome you all back to our Monthly special Edition where we bring to you some people we are proud to say are examples of the word ENTREPRENEUR and have done a lot to get to the height they are now................ With out Much talk let's get straight Iinto it today on this segment we have the big boss himself the CEO Talk Entertainment under it there's Talk foundation, Talk Music, and Talk Designs, He is also one of Nigeria's brilliant and well spoken MCs.

TONY ADJEKPIYEDE also called Branetalk. The name Branetalk came about after he displayed high level of brilliant ideas and skill in event planning and organization, leaving a mark in whatever he lays his hands on.......... Working with top Brands in Africa like Tecno Mobile, Flux factory, Kaymoney Ent, Pepsi, Mario House, Dettol, NESCAFE, MTN and many more. 

Those of you who know the likes of Vj Adams and Denrele to name a few....... Know that they can be some of the most busiest people as their work always makes them travel, Mcbranetalk is not exception he is always on the move leaving his mark on any state and country he Visits, making a healthy living with just the use of his mouth and brains...... Get to learn a thing or two from him and for those who want to be an Mc in short time Here's that Ginger you need...


What do people know you with? 

Please tell us a bit about yourself?
Well am a very simple person that is full of life and natural because of where I come from warri.when you real with yourself then every other thing becomes a blessing trust me.


Languages you speak?

What do you love about being a Nigerian?
REALITY as he dey hot #LOL
everybody get to adjust.....chilled 
country and am proud to be a Nigerian.

Describe a typical workday for you? 
Well hectic but trust me when you love what you do trust me passion becomes a tool for good work.

Who's your role model?

How did you get into the entertainment field or start doing your job?
Well way back 2004 my two lovely sisters talked me into being social because of a position I was eyeing in secondary school then well I got it and eventually I knew I was heading somewhere and today it's a career.

Why did you choose this?
When you derive joy in what you do, commonly it becomes the best bet and foundation for you.

What makes you different from other MC's and event planners?
Basically am MC BRANETALK na me get the name so you need to see what I do with it. style is not expensive when you born with it, Edey d blood.

How do you train yourself to be better at what you do?
Focus and commitment trust me. consistency is the key.

What motivates you? 
please don't ask further.

What is Talk entertainment and Talk foundation all about?
Talk entertainment and foundation is a conglomerate or rather a dynasty of change it was a vision we are gradually developing and trust me it's not just an entertainment platform per say but in the long run its going to be an employer of labour.

You are also in the management of Ovo mental and Charles Nkanga, tell us about them?
I must say this is a blessing expecially when you own the Gold and the mine. Ovo and charles are the best things that have happened to me lately the only thing am going to say is nigeria watch out for these two agents of change...........#INDUSTRYSHIFT.

What other projects are you involved in?
Well a lot trust by next year the first teenage summit would hit Nigeria, coming from talk, also our foundation would flag a project for the poor a clear synergy between the rich and the poor. I love q the #IAM A RICH VOLUNTEER. watch out. 

We hear your also a comedian?
Warri nor dey carry last..dont forget I be original warri.

Can you just give us a little list of events that you have successfully anchored? 
Well brezza drink unveiling abuja was the MC, Detol re-energize launch in abuja was the MC, Mr famous nigeria was the MC, Nigeria idol season 3 campus activation was the Mc, Next cash and carry Pepsi activation was the MC, MC Baze uni graduation nite, Abjrichteens unveiling was the MC and so many mega events.

What's your ideal lady like?
Cool headed and virtuous trust me.

How do you hangout?
Talking and drinking out with friends.

What's your most valuable item?

What are your plans for the future? 
A lot I love this word WATCH OUT..coming in parts.

So to people that might want to become MC's and go into the business of entertainment like you,what advice do you have for them?
just stay focus and don't let anybody discourage you just push on..

Vote of thanks to Abjrichteens?
Ok make E for nor loss sit down look nor be dog name..dem nor dey price monkey from tree..belle nor be show glass. tortoise know say accommodation go give am problem that na y he carry house come life a big shout out to abjrichteens keep it lock and always support this brand. 

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