Tuesday, 7 April 2015


 Its yet another talented young and talented musician on the rise...Everyone meet David Onuoha II...

What are your full names?
David Onuoha II

What else do people call, a nickname maybe?
A few people that really know me call me Ghost, cause that used to be my stage name

What's your stage name now?
 David Onuocha, I don't use one...Don't really see the need to anymore.

Tell us what you do.
Well I'm a singer and producer, I manage Ovid records and occasionally i work on projects with bantu

That's awesome
Thank you

Could you tell us of Bantu,a little bit
Sadly no, your gonna have to ask them directly any question you have about what they do. I'm just an affiliate so I can't disclose much.

How long have you been doing music for?
A year or two now. But I got serious with it this year February, after I dropped my debut mixtape 'Rolling Stone'
You could say I'm just getting started

Do you have any mentors?
The Weekend and PartyNextDoor

Who's music is yours like?
I really don't know, that's for the audience to say

Have you had any stage performances?
Yeah I've had a couple

So do you have any immediate goal as per music ( 1 to 3 years)
I'm mainly focused on building a fan base right now
Cause really if your not doing it for the fan who are you doing for, you know...
Yes exactly...

So you driving force is the fans right?

Do you have any projects right now that you are working on?
I have a song titled "Adventure" that just dropped.

What advice would you give to some wanting to pursue music as a career?
Do it, if your good I guess

And links to your material
Here's my soundcloud link to my Music!!!

Social handles?
Twitter : OnuohaXO
Instagram : OnuohaXO

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