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Maryam Ahmad is one teenager that has achieved a lot at just the age of 15,if we are to write all she has done we might read about her for a whole day and she's our guest on this months special edition- as a young lady she has helped a lot of girls exposing them to knowing there right in the society standing up for them making sure they are not left out in the Society.

Maryam Ahmed born 15th may 2000 from Kano state north west Nigeria, she's a child activist a member of the Abuja parliament and also a youth ambassador for Global Action 2015, her Roles include calling out world leaders to fulfill there promises they made towards woman empowerment and giving them a place in the society, Ensuring that the voices of young girls are being heard and included in the MDG's decision she also gives out public talks on this issues that restrict the development of girls today from becoming future leaders.

She's also a current girl ambassador for Girl Hub, where they promote the the right and well being of girls especially improving the life's of girls in northern Nigeria addressing the needs of girls and also her view on social barriers that tend to hurt and limit girls.

Miss Maryam being a reporter for discovery learning alliance with discovery channel where she uses the media to improve student learning, teacher effectiveness and community engagement withing rural schools, she engages them in a documentary series as a co reporter where she interviews and discusses with policy makers, community leaders, teachers and parents.

Maryam doing all this has been recognized both within and outside the country and among what to show for this the award she got from the Duke of Edinburgh, she sang a song titled "I believe" in September of 2014 which passes a very strong message of encouragement to a lot of girls to make the right choices and decisions.

All this said we Really have to thank her Maryam mother for she has being a real source of encouragement and motivation. Remember our summer RichTeen seminar she would impact a positive change on our ladies on that day as she's our guest on that day and you all can get to meet her, before then read her interview down below.

Maryam Ahmad

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a bit quiet but you'll see the real me when u know me better.
Age ?
I'm 15years old

I love singing
Languages you speak?
English and Hausa
I'm from Kano state.

Position in your family?
Well,  I'm the first grandchild in my family
Present location?
I live in Abuja.

Schools attended 2 to 3?
Titsal Global Schools and The Regent Secondary School
Countries Visited?

Dubai, Egypt, Ethiopia, USA, UK and Kenya

Most valuable item?
My stuffed animal Sphinx

Favorite pet?

What is it that makes you love being a Nigerian?
Nigeria has a variety of cultures and I love that because its rare to find countries with different cultures.
Whose your role Model?
My mother. She inspired me to start this child's right job and she'll always inspire me to be the best I can be.

What's your dress sense like?
I love wearing dresses and skirts because they're more comfortable.
Are there any Negatives to what you do?
I don't think there are any Negatives. I LOVE my job.
What additional skill have you learnt?
I learnt a lot one of them I must say is I became more confident in myself. I used to be very shy and I have improve my communication skills with people with people at all but now I've completely changed and that's a good thing.

How long Have you being doing This?
I've been doing this for quite a while actually. I started this In year 2013 when I delivered a speech in a programme for save the children.
Do you have a team or people you work with?
I've worked with many teams but currently I'm a girl ambassador for an NGO called girl hub, I'm also an ambassador for action 2015. I work with discovery learning alliance, a TV show that will be on Discovery Channel.
What made you decide to Go Into this?
Well, I always loved the work my mum was doing, she works for an NGO called Save the Children and they help children in the sense of free healthcare, quality education and all but I was into girls rights and gender equality and I decided to tell her I wanted to be involved in NGO work and she introduced me to some NGOs and I started with some small jobs like presenting speeches at events.
What mediums do you use to reach out to people especially the ladies and convey your Message?
I use media to reach out my message to people, For example TV shows, songs e.t.c. I have a song called I Believe and it's to show everybody that you can be what you want to be.
Not Many Ladies your Age are doing what you do why do you think they are not?
I think we girls are scared of criticism and we care too much on what people think about us and some of the reasons for this is culture. Some cultures might think if something is unusual, it is bad or forbidden.
Best Musician?
Bruno Mars
List 5 words that describe your character?
Funny, girly, outstanding, kind and honest.
What's your favorite childhood memory?
Being with my Grandma.

What's the most important thing you have learnt from school?You can do it if you just believe in yourself.
If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you be?Paris
What achievement have you been able to achieve so far this while?
I have achieved so much. For example I achieved being an ambassador for NGO'S and I'm great full for that.
What advice would u tell other girls that Look up to to u as a Role model?
For all the girls out there, all I have to say is don't let anyone decide for you, don't let anyone doubt your dreams, they're your dreams and you can achieve them.
How has the support so far being from the Government and others in pursing your course?
I had a programme with action 2015 which we invited Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-Iwela And we told her the future we wanted to see post 2015. We also had a video that we posted on YouTube on the future we wanted.
Where do you see yourself in the Next 10years?
I see myself working in an NGO that helps the youth with they're problems.e.g early marriage, poor health care.e.t.c
What would you do if you won One Billion dollars?
I would use it to help all the children out there without quality education to get a better education.
Vote of thanks to teens out there and abjrichteens?
Thank you so much for the support. I am very happy to be part of this.
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