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A person is said to be Creative when the person has the ability to develop original ideas especially in art, Also creativity evolves with time things we say or knew as being creative in 1960 are not the same thing we see in our Generation, this people with the talent and gift of creating something out of nothing are hard to come by in the society today and the few available people are always well known and make money off their brains.

Meet Victor Akachukwu [monwillarts] this young undergraduate makes one of the easiest money to come by and his demand is on a regular basis and his work is very flexible and can be delivered anywhere in the country, this amazing Teen, his very creative when it's comes to designs for billboards, banners, dp designs, Album artwork etc.

In This 21st century setting graphic designers actually make a lot of bread out of this trade which is sunk in all the sectors of the society both telecom, politics, advert, media etc Graphic designers come in handy mostly in the entertainment industry events and shows...........A Designer must be in place for a soft copy of the event and details fully represented.

Victor Akachukwu is also a photographer and one of the qualities of a Moniwillart work is simple, clean and posh designs there's never an idle week for victor he's always busy with peoples work..........when victor is not working his Hanging out and having a Good time chopping the fruits of his labour. Check out his interview where you get to know more about him and his works.

Victor Akachukwu

Victor Monwill

Age ?

Playing Fifa, swimming, Nature shots,

Languages you speak?

Background (state) position in your family?
Ebonyi state | Only child

Present location.?

Bells Schools Ota 

Schools attended 
2 to 3? 

Countries Visited?
England, Dubai

Can you cook?

Do your parent support what you do?
Yes but not from the start

What drives you to be successful? 

The fact that others became successful through the same potentials.
Fame or wealth?

Health or wealth?

How do you hangout?
Bar with the guys, or dates with Bae, either to the movies or somewhere
Whose your mentor?CDAarts.

What do you think the government should do to encourage the youths?
Provide a platform that will enhance the skills and potentials that the youths have.

Best Musician?
Rich Homie Quan 


Does being rich have any disadvantages?
Kind off

Most valuable item?
My studio equipments

What people don't know about you?
Let's say people don't know me in person but I guess they have heard about my brand "MonwillArts" and well if they haven't, I guess they will soon enough

Tell us a bit of how you make your money?
From designing flyers, party covers and music album covers, photography shoots and video editing

How many teenagers are doing what you do?
Quite a lot, I decided to be different.

What's your typical day Like?
Normal, work, classes, chilling, reading when it's time.

What additional skills have you learnt? 
Saxophone and clarinet playing.

How do you train yourself to know more and learn?
Constant practice

What advancement are you hoping to add to what you do?


How long have you been in this business?
2 years Now

What where you doing before now? 

Music basically

Why did you choose to do this?
Well because I believed that's where my strength lies

Do you have a team you work with? 
No not yet.

How do you charge for your services and designs?
Normal affordable Rates

Which and what people have u done stuffs for?
Shiz, CBM, Swish, Zilla, Aj, Bobby, Lanre Shonubi, Micheal Landers quite a lot yeah...

What challenges did you face starting up?
Insults from some People

What's your top 3 Success secret/tips?
1. Believe in yourself.

2. Be bold and confident of whatever you do.
3. Always do your best.

What other skills or talent do you have?

I'm also a Rapper

Future Ambition?

Architect/ Building Technologist

What has being your proudest moment doing what you do?
The art I did for Yungsix, which he liked and used.

What advice do you have for teens who have same aspiration as you?
 Always bring to reality every concept you have, because it can take you places you can't imagine

What other projects are you working On?
A fashion newsletter, and a nature collection

Vote of thanks to Abjrichteens? 
Special thanks to Abjrichteens for this interview, i'm really honored, and may God continue to uplift you..

Contacts (IG , Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat)?
Facebook - Victor Monwill
Twitter and Snapchat - itsmonwill
Instagram - itsmonwillarts


  1. am also a graphic designer how do i apply on get on here???

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